After the autumn half-season was over, a meeting of the Board of Directors of FK Vojvodina was held on Tuesday, where in addition to the board members, present were the club’s General Manager Dusan Bajatović, Sports Director Nikola Lazetić and Manager Nenad Lalatović.

In addition to discussing topics that are important for the day-to-day operation of the club and the continuation of the 2019/20 season, a report on what was done during the previous half-season was submitted by Manager Nenad Lalatović and Sports Director Nikola Lazetić.

Manager Nenad Lalatović submitted a comprehensive report on the work of the first team from the beginning of this summer’s preparations until the end of the autumn part of the season, and also presented his suggestions regarding the transfer list and possible reinforcements in the upcoming transfer window. After a lengthy presentation, the members of the Board of Directors accepted his report and gave him full support to continue his very successful work.

Subsequently, sports director Nikola Lazetić, who, among other things, expressed a positive opinion on the report submitted by coach Nenad Lalatović and agreed with his view about the team in the spring part of the season, talked about the activities in the previous transfer window and competition in the autumn part of the season. The Board of Directors accepted the report of the Sports Director, to whom they also gave their full support to continue his very successful work.

Subsequently, Vojvodina’s president Vojislav Gajić emphasized that the remaining days until the end of the year must be used to complete and significantly strengthen the team, with the aim that until the start of the preparations for the new season, which is scheduled for January 3rd, all new players arrive and be ready to begin preparations. Sports Director Nikola Lazetić and Manager Nenad Lalatović expressed their absolute agreement with his statement and undertook to deal with this issue within the stated time limit.

President Vojislav Gajić also stressed that the position of FK Vojvodina on the table at the end of this season simply must be one of those that ensures participation in the European competition next season, and that everyone in the club must work agile and dedicated to achieve this goal, while all remaining members of the Board of Directors agreew with him.

At the end of the session, the General Manager of FK Vojvodina Dušan Bajatović also expressed his agreement with all of the above, emphasizing that he will continue to give his full support in all other segments important for the functioning of the club, in order to keep the results of FK Vojvodina in line with the reputation that this club has in Serbian football and in order for Vojvodina to represent Serbia on the international scene next season.

Noting that in the second part of the season the participation in the Serbian Cup must not be neglected in any way, president Vojislav Gajić and the other members of the Board agreed that the past half-season was very successful.