Vojvodina will have its first home game this year on Saturday, and as in the previous half-season, the prelude to Voša’s match at Karađorđe was a visit to one of the elementary schools in the territory of the municipality of Novi Sad.

This time, as part of the campaign under the slogan “You are our first love”, today they visited the “22nd August” school in Bukovac, where, in the company of FK Vojvodina’s marketing director Miloš Subotin, the players Uroš Vitas, Nikola Čumić, Stefan Bukinac and Milan Kovačev mingled with the primary school students.

Today was probably the most moving moment since the campaign “You are our first love” started, considering that when the players of Vojvodina entered the classroom, one girl, sitting in the first row in Voša’s T-shirt, could not refrain from crying, and when asked why she was crying, she answered: “From happiness!”

In the manner of a great ace, the girl was approached by Uroš Vitas, who only needed a few seconds to turn the girl’s tears into a smile, but the tears of joy started again the moment Nikola Čumić promised to give her his signed jersey.

In the conversation with the students, Voša’s players talked about how important it is for children to play any sport during their development, but also not to neglect school, and of course, the students themselves had a handful of questions for the Old Lady players, from how they eat and how best to take care of their health, to who their favorite football players are, their favorite and most difficult matches, etc.

As usual, the atmosphere became particularly exciting when we moved from the classroom to the gymnasium, where two-goal football was played, with two players from Vojvodina in each team. Unlike the previous visits to the schools, this time two games were played, and in the second match, together with Voša’s players, the girls from Elementary School 22nd August were on the field. Also, unlike the previous visits, this time the visit to the school had a “third half”, considering that the football players of Vojvodina were then special guests in the history class.

Of course, everything went well with Voša’s promoters, who handed out tickets for the match against Kolubara to the children, posters, timetables and flyers with basic information about FK Vojvodina and instructions on how anyone who wants to can join the action “You are our first love” can do so.

The best evidence of how happy, excited and delighted the children were about the arrival of Vojvodina players is the comment of a teacher, who, watching the children surround the players for taking pictures and signing autographs, said: “Next week they will have a written assignment on the topic ‘School Day which I will remember’. I can already see what everyone will write about”.

Like every previous time, today the visit of Vojvodina players went well past its planned duration and who knows how long it would have lasted if the red and whites had not had a scheduled training session at 12:30 PM. However, even on this day, everyone will have a good memory and a full heart, both among the children and among the first team players of the Old Lady.