In the traditional selection for the best player of Vojvodina in the season, organized by fans from the website “”, Nikola Čumić was chosen as the best football player of the Old Lady in the season that just ended.

“The best scorer of the team is again the player of the season – in a nineteen-year long tradition, NIKOLA ČUMIĆ was chosen as the ‘Player of the Season 2022/2023’ by the fans of FK Vojvodina gathered around the Forum and Website “”!

How, until the last round, his competitors for this prestigious award were a defender and a goalkeeper, proves that we are always eager for an offensive game of the pride of Novi Sad.

Perhaps the vote would have been decided earlier if he had not joined us at the beginning of the school season, not the football season, on September 1, 2022. Then this man from Užice replaced the red and white jersey of Olympiakos Athens with ours, with identical colors more beautifully stationed on it.

Nikola will also participate in the selection for the most beautiful ‘Goal of the Season’, which is the best proof that he filled our hearts this season.

Congratulations to Nikola Čumić on his selection, with the wish to defend the title next season with new goals, dribbling, commitment and fight!”, states the text published on the website “”.

After Nikola Čumić, the second on the list in the selection for the best player of Voša this season is the international from Mali, Mamadou Traore, while the third is the national team goalkeeper of Montenegro, Lazar Carević.

The best evidence of how important Nikola Čumić was for Vojvodina’s game this season is that, even though he only came before the 10th round, by the end of the season he became the team’s best scorer and best assistant, with 14 goals and five assists in all competitions. On the list of scorers, he was followed by Veljko Simić and Uroš Nikolić with eight goals each, while Veljko Simić and Nemanja Nikolić followed him among the assists, with four assists this season.

– Thanks very much to the fans for choosing me as the best player of our team last season, I’m really happy about that. This is just an additional motivation for me to play even better next season and to always give my best in the Vojvodina jersey. I think that Vojvodina has improved this season compared to last, and I expect that next season we will take another step forward and try to enter the group stage of the Conference League – said Čumić.

Vojvodina fans from the website “” traditionally choose the best player of their team in the season since the 2004/05 season, and the list of previous winners looks like this:

2004/2005 – Ivica Francišković
2005/2006 – Jozeph Kizito
2006/2007 – Ranko Despotović
2007/2008 – Gojko Kačar
2008/2009 – Jozeph Kizito
2009/2010 – Slobodan Medojević
2010/2011 – Aboubakar Oumarou
2011/2012 – Aboubakar Oumarou
2012/2013 – Aboubakar Oumarou
2013/2014 – Marko Poletanović
2014/2015 – Nino Pekarić
2015/2016 – Novica Maksimović
2016/2017 – Filip Malbašić
2017/2018 – Emil Rockov
2018/2019 – Emil Rockov
2019/2020 – Nikola Drinčić
2020/2021 – Nemanja Čović
2021/2022 – Veljko Simić
2022/2023 – Nikola Čumić