The regular session of the Assembly of FK Vojvodina was held today in the ceremonial hall of FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik.

The session was attended by 47 members of the club’s highest body, of which 43 members were physically present in the hall, and four members through proxies with proper power of attorney for representation.

At the beginning of the session, all those present paid their respects to the recently deceased member of the FK Vojvodina Assembly, Dragoljub Samardžić, and noted the resignation of the member of the Assembly, Milan Đurić, which he submitted after he was elected mayor of Novi Sad.

Instead of Dragoljub Samardžić and Milan Đurić, the members of the Assembly unanimously accepted the proposal of the President of the Assembly Milan N. Đukić to include Milovan Amidžić and Branislav Đurđev in the highest club body.

After that, the members of the Assembly unanimously adopted the financial report on the operations of FK Vojvodina for the year 2022, which was submitted by Radmila Knežević.