Vojvodina drew away with TSC – with a score of 1-1 in the last round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The goal for Vojvodina was scored by Nikola Čumić in the 76th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

TSC: Ilić, Ćalušić, Cvetinović, Cvetković, Ilić, Jovanović (from 84th Krpić), Kuveljić, Ratkov (from 25th Vukić (from 90th Antonić)), Stojić, Stojković, Đakovac.

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević, Jeličić, Traore, Antonijević, Miletić (from 59th Topić), Zukić, Kabić (from 74th Vukčević), Čumić, Malbašić, N. Nikolić (from 86th Ljubisavljević).

TSC took the initiative at the beginning of the game, shifted the center of gravity to the Vojvodina half, but there was no greater excitement in front of the goal of Carević. Voša threatened for the first time in the 20th minute when Čumić first forced a yellow card from Ćalušić in a counter attack, and then shot under the crossbar from a free kick from 30 meters, but the goalkeeper Ilić was on the spot.

TSC mainly attacked on the right side, and after a series of actions and after a cross, Đakovac headed over the goal. Voša had the last chance in the first half, after Čumić’s corner kick, Jeličić headed directly at goalkeeper Ilić.

TSC was the first to threaten in the continuation, in the 47th minute after a cross from the left flank, Jovanović didn’t head hard enough, so Carević easily stopped his shot. Just two minutes later, Čumić had the best chance, he received the ball on the left side, came within reach of the box and shot the first corner, again Ilić was in the right place.

In the 65th minute, Luka Ilić entered the penalty area of Vojvodina, and Jeličić knocked him down trying to clear the ball, and the referee judged that it was a foul for the most severe penalty. The responsibility was taken by Ilić who sent the ball under the crossbar for 1-0.

After the conceded goal, Voša had a milder initiative and two half-chances, but without a greater danger for the home team’s goal. TSC threatened from the counter, in the 73rd minute, Jovanović shot from the left side diagonally past the post. Voša retaliated, Topić shot from distance two minutes later, also near the post. In the next attack, Topić tried the shot again, this time from 20 meters he sent the ball over the crossbar.

Voša crowned her offensive with a goal in the 76th minute when Čumić, after a great solo penetration, reached the penalty spot, and then sent the ball into the left corner with a precise shot for 1-1.

Until the end, there was no greater excitement, no opportunities and no change in results, so Vojvodina ended the season with a draw and in fifth position with 63 points.