While the year 2022 is slowly slipping away, the attention of the sports public is directed towards the World Cup in Qatar, football players from our clubs are on a well-deserved rest, and the clubs themselves are already making plans and preparing for what awaits them next year.

This is also the case with the Vojvodina football club, with the fact that, when it comes to the Old Lady, we are already looking at that year, 2024, when Voša will celebrate its 110th and the stadium Karađorđe its 100th anniversary.

In this regard, Voša is planning a series of activities until then, so that these great and significant jubilees are adequately marked. Among other things, on the occasion of Voša’s 110th birthday, it is planned to publish another book dedicated to the Old Lady, but in a slightly different format than the previous ones, about which the public and fans will be informed in due time.

On this very occasion, today in the ceremonial hall of the Karađorđe stadium, a contract was signed between the Association of Veterans of FK Vojvodina, represented by the president of this association, Miladin Purać, and the printing house that will print the book, whose owner is the former president of FK Vojvodina from 1989, when Vojvodina won its second championship title, Jovan Smederevac.