President of the Assembly of FK Vojvodina Milan N. Đukić announced the holding of a regular session of the highest club body for Wednesday, October 20, starting at 6 pm, for which the invitations to the members of the Assembly will be delivered in an orderly and timely manner.

– The session will be held at the proposal of the Board of Directors and will contain points proposed by the Board of Directors, including the report of the President of the Board, the financial report and the report on the work of the Youth Academy. Also, the request for convening an extraordinary session of the Club Assembly was sent by more than one third of the members of the highest club body, who duly submitted their proposal to the Agenda with that request. As this proposal essentially has a point related to the financial report on the situation in the club and the report on the volume of donations and loans to the football club Vojvodina from January 1, 2021, which is compatible with the proposed Agenda for the regular session of the Assembly, I will to include this in the item on the agenda on the financial situation in the club – said Đukić.