Today, at its regular gathering on Thursday in the VIP lounge of the Karađorđe stadium, the FK Vojvodina Veterans Section marked the 55th anniversary of the duel with Celtic in the quarterfinals of the European Champions Cup and also marked the 108th birthday of FK Vojvodina, which will be on Sunday, March 6.

Apart from the members of the FK Vojvodina Veterans Section, today’s gathering was also attended by a member of the Board of Directors of the Old Lady Petar Đurđev, who addressed the audience with a speech about the long and rich history of FK Vojvodina, while fans and representatives of media were also present there.

From the members of the best generation in the history of Vojvodina, which in the season 1966/67 ranked among the eight best in Europe, after breaking the myth of the so-called “Big Four” by winning the title of SFRY champion, the president of the FK Vojvodina Veterans Section, Vasa Pušibrk, as well as Radivoj Mika Radosav, Rajko Aleksić and Vladimir Savić were present today.

They also evoked their memories of two unforgettable matches between Vojvodina and Celtic, when Voša won the first match in Novi Sad with 1-0, and in the return match in Glasgow it lost with 2-0, receiving the second goal in overtime after an undeserved foul on goalkeeper Ilija Pantelić. Also, today they watched a ten-minute report from those games together.