The victory they achieved over Slask Wroclaw and the party they showed in that match additionally improved the mood and atmosphere in the camp of Vojvodina during the preparations in Turkey. After the game, the Manager, Slavoljub Đorđević, stated that there was reason for satisfaction, and when that is the case, then the players of his team can also be satisfied.

This morning, the red and whites continued to work, but they were divided into three groups. One group of players, made up of players who played less in yesterday’s match, went out on the field of the sports center Susesi and did training under the supervision of assistant coach Nikola Vasiljević and fitness coach Aleksandar Janković, and among them were Veljko Jelenković, Boris Kopitović, Mihajlo Nešković, Vladan Novevski, as well as Mirko Topić, who missed the game against Slask due to a minor injury as a precaution, but already joined the regular training process today.

On the other hand, the remaining players, divided into two groups, worked in the gym with fitness coach Saša Semeredi, who did not hide his satisfaction with the work of the Old Lady players. Only the goalkeeper Goran Vukliš, who has a lodge injury and is expected to be in the competition for the team again in a few days, worked separately from the other teammates, while Novica Maksimović and Nikola Mirić, who also did not play against Slask due to injuries, trained together with other teammates. As for Maksimović, he suffered a toe injury yesterday, but he is expected to be involved in the full training process again soon, while it remains to be seen how soon Mirić will be able to compete for the team again.

After the training in the gym, Voša’s players had a recovery in the pool and spa center of the hotel Susesi Luxury Resort, and the Manager Slavoljub Đorđević decided to give them a free afternoon, so the red and whites will continue training tomorrow.