Today, Football Clubs Vojvodina and Borac from Banjaluka signed a memorandum about cooperation.

On that occasion, they held a press conference where the speakers were the vice-president of the Football Association of Serbia, Branislav Nedimović, the general secretary of the Football Association of the Republic of Srpska, Dejan Lukendić, president of Vojvodina FC Dragoljub Zbiljić, and the president of the assembly of Borac, Stojan Malbašić.

The first one to address the audience was the president of the assembly of Borac, Stojan Malbašić.

  • I would like to thank the host, Vojvodina FC on organizing this signing about one long-term cooperation. This cooperation is not something new, we have been cooperating for years, because Vojvodina and Borac have an exquisite cooperation on the fan side, but also in the relationship between the clubs. Many players from Vojvodina played for Borac, just like members of Borac came to Novi Sad. With this contract, we are just confirming and making one official and long-term cooperation, that will have a larger frame and a greater content in the following period – he said.

After that, Dragoljub Zbiljić, the president of Vojvodina FC addressed those present.

  • In the name of Vojvodina FC, I would like to welcome all those present, and thank the Football Association of Serbia for giving us the honor to be the hosts of today’s meeting of two associations. I would like to welcome the representatives of the Football Association of the Republic of Srpska and FAS, as well as the people from our brother-club Borac, with whom we nurture a decade-long cooperation that functions on many levels, and now we would like to raise it to a higher level. Our goal is to maximally help each other, and develop in the right direction. Aside from the Youth Academies, the focus is now on the senior staff, Borac has been excellent in the last couple of years, they are ready for Europe. Vojvodina is growing, and we expect even better results, so it would mean a lot to have the fans of both clubs supporting each other, both Vojvodina and Borac. Banjaluka is always here with us, always in our hearts and close to us, and Novi Sad will always be the host of our dear guests from Borac. My heart is full for giving this cooperation a legal form today, for all that we have been doing so far, and now we will expand that cooperation on many levels – Dragoljub Zbiljić said.

This was followed by the signing of the memorandum about cooperation, and then the vice-president of the FAS, Branislav Nedimović addressed the audience.

  • Within the all-Serbian convocation that is being held today in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and around Serbia, it is my pleasure to be the guest in one of the most beautiful sports centers, Vujadin Boškov. There is something symbolic about it. A few minutes ago, when I was in the office, and I saw one photograph from the December of 1987, the champions photo of Vojvodina, at the stadium of Borac. We will not reflect on the result that day, but that is the best indication how long this friendship has been nurtured. This is a great deal for us today. There was always a serious cooperation between our two clubs, but it grew into a more serious cooperation. I would like to thank the FAS on the donation of 500.000 euros for the construction of the pitch with artificial grass. Today is a big day for all of us. I have the honor to be here today, and I apologize in the name of all of us from FAS, who can’t be here because of the obligations in Sweden – Branislav Nedimović said.

In the end, the general secretary of the Football Association of the Republic of Srpska, Dejan Lukendić also thanked them on the donation.

  • I would like to thank everyone in the name of our football association. This is very significant for us, we are working on 9 pitches, and this is a significant amount that will help us realize the project. It is not a secret that we are having troubles with infrastructure, and thanks to this we will succeed in our goal to improve the pitches with artificial grass. This, just like any other help, is very important and it is a great step forward for us. In terms of our project this is a donation that is very significant and we thank everyone.