During the past week, the matches of all national teams were played, and ten members of Vojvodina were among the actors.

During this break, Mamadou Traore (Mali), Lazar Carević (Montenegro), Vladimir Miletić (Serbia U-21), Uroš Kabić, Lukijan Abadžija and Branislav Milanov (Serbia U-19), and Jovan Milošević, Milan Majstorović, Milan Kovačev and Stefan Bukinac (U-18) had representative duties during this break.

Mali – Mamadou Traore

The football team of Mali played only one match during this break, they beat Zambia with a score of 1-0, while the second one against Libya was cancelled. Mamadou Traore did not play in his team’s victory over Zambia.

Montenegro – Lazar Carević

The selection of Montenegro registered two defeats in the B division of the League of Nations, and Lazar Carević did not register minutes for his team. Montenegro first lost away to Bosnia and Herzegovina with a score of 1-0, and then at home to Finland – 0-2.

Serbia U-21 – Vladimir Miletić

The young national team of Serbia played only one half in the control match with Bulgaria in Sofia, because heavy rains interrupted the match with a score of 1-1. At halftime, the referee, in agreement with the selectors, played the final whistle, and until that moment, 45 minutes Vladimir Miletić played.

Serbia U-19 – Uroš Kabić, Lukijan Abadžija and Branislav Milanov

This break was marked by Uroš Kabić, who was the top scorer of the traditional Stevan Ćele Vilotić tournament with two goals. Branislav Milanov and Lukijan Abadžija were also on the list of coach Jovan Damjanović. Milanov did not record minutes, while Abadžija entered the game in the third match, against France, in the 64th minute.

In the first match, Serbia beat Finland with a score of 3-1, and Kabić scored the equalizer and played until the 76th minute. In the second match, Serbia lost to Portugal with a score of 2-0, Kabić came on at the start of the second half. He scored the second goal in the third match in a turnaround over France – 3-1, and left the game in the 80th minute.

The prize for the best scorer went to Kabić, Serbia recorded two wins and a loss, and the first place went to the Portuguese team.

Serbia U-18 – Jovan Milošević, Milan Majstorović, Milan Kovačev and Stefan Bukinac

The junior youth selection of Serbia played two tests with their peers from Italy. In the first match, the home team celebrated with a score of 1-0, and in the second, the youth of Serbia took revenge with a 2-1 triumph.

In the first match, Milošević played until the 78th minute, Majstorović until the 62nd minute, and Bukinac was replaced by Kovačev in the 78th minute.

In the second game, Jovan Milošević scored the winning goal in the 48th minute and came out in the 62nd, just like Bukinac. Majstorović left the field in stoppage time, and Kovačev entered in the 80th minute.