FK Vojvodina President Dragoljub Zbiljić sent a strong and important message after the match with Partizan and before the important duel with TSC.

The first man of the Old Lady underlined that there is never a stronger unity in the club and called on the fans and citizens of Novi Sad to come to Karađorđe on Saturday in as many numbers as possible to support the team in a duel with a direct rival in the fight for placement in European competitions.

– After the match with Partizan, I was surprised when I read in some media that there is a rift in Vojvodina and I would like to, as the first man of the club and the host of our Voša house, point out that there is absolute unity at the level of fans – players – coaching staff – Administration. To be even more honest, I have never had the opportunity to work in a collective where such unity reigns. We are all united around the same idea – that our club is moving forward. In this way, I would like to invite all fellow citizens, sympathizers and fans of Vojvodina to fill the stands of our Karađorđe at the upcoming match on Saturday, to show how much we respect and love our Voša and to show that unity in action as well – said the president of FK Vojvodina Dragoljub Zbiljić.

The match between Vojvodina and TSC is scheduled for Saturday at 7 PM.