Vojvodina midfielder Uroš Nikolić believes that the defeat against Partizan should serve as an important lesson from which lessons should be drawn for future challenges.

On Sunday, the Old Lady experienced its second defeat since the beginning of the season, as it lost to Partizan in Humska with a score of 4-1.

Uroš Nikolić showed a bit of his skill again, he entered the game again, like against Radnički Niš a month ago when he scored his first goal in Voša’s jersey from the first touch. Now he scored a goal from a free kick, but he points out that a goal does not mean much to him, if it did not bring a positive result.

– It is completely irrelevant to me if I score a goal, if the team is not winning. Of course, it helps my self-confidence after a long break, but of course I would much prefer to win and win points without my goals – said Nikolić.

He agreed with coach Rastavac, who stated after the match that his team had too many individual mistakes.

– When you give your rival practically two goals and you are left with one less player, then you cannot hope for a positive result. Even in much more difficult away games, we must not make so many mistakes, especially not against Partizan or Red Star, who punish every mistake. We must not regret much, but accept mistakes, responsibility, learn lessons and do our best not to repeat them in the next matches. In football, every next match is the most important and we now have to think about what comes next, because when you look back too much, you cannot be ready for what awaits you – said Nikolić.

After Partizan, Voša will have a series of difficult matches, as TSC, Novi Pazar, Red Star, all rivals from the upper part of the table, will follow.

– We must not look too far ahead. Now we are thinking about TSC and overcoming this defeat by Partizan and getting back on the winning track. If we think about ourselves, and if we play as we can, and I really see in training that we can do a lot, then the rivals should think about us, not us about them. Two victories would get us back into the rhythm, but we go match by match, in every match to try to be as good as possible and to try to win – concluded Uroš Nikolić.

The match between Vojvodina and TSC is scheduled for Saturday at 7 PM.