On Wednesday, veterans of Vojvodina played a friendly game against veterans of Borac football club from Starčevo, on the occasion of the traditional Social Days that are currently being held in this place.

The kind hosts from Starčevo very warmly welcomed the veterans of Vojvodina, thanking them for accepting their invitation to play a friendly match, and no less satisfaction for the arrival to Starčevo was expressed by representatives of the Veterans Association of Vojvodina, led by President Vasa Pušibrk.

At the end of the match, a popular “third half” was followed, where, with a song and dinner, representatives of the two teams exchanged gifts and hope that such a fellowship will be repeated in the near future, but this time in FC Vujadin Boškov.

Of course, the result of this match is not in the foreground, but it will be noted that the victory went to the veterans of Vojvodina, who defeated their hosts by 1-7, with goals by Čeković, Aurelije Rašiovan, Mićo Vranješ (2), Drakulić (2) and Sekula Rašiovan.

In this match, veterans of the Old Lady performed in the following lineup: Vasić, Ćurko, M. Vranješ, Čeković, S. Rašiovan, A. Rašiovan, B. Vranješ, Grujin, Bakić, Zdravković and Drakulić, while for the veterans of Borac from Starčevo played: Lapić, Milićev, Nikolić, Ćalić, A. Filipović, S. Filipović, Simanić, Deheljan, Vuković, Matijašević and Milosavljević (later also played Bukumiruc, Ćirković, Stojčev, Smiljanić, Đorđević and Dobrosavljević).