Football club Vojvodina and the company Voda Vrnjci AD signed a sponsorship agreement today, according to which Voda Vrnjci became the new sponsor of FK Vojvodina.

Vrnjci water originates from the spring of Vrnjačka Banja and has been bottled since 1970, and its water has a beneficial effect on the body and helps in the fight against various diseases.

The president of FK Vojvodina, Dragoljub Zbiljić, expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the company Voda Vrnjci AD joined the circle of sponsors of the Old Lady and emphasized that he received a lot of support from this company on the first day he came to the head of Vojvodina.

– I am particularly pleased that today I have the opportunity to host the Voda Vrnjci company. On May 27, I was elected president of FK Vojvodina, on the 28th I received verbal support from Voda Vrnjci, and on the 30th, I received the first amount of water for our needs. It is not only commercial support, which means a lot to us, but for me personally it is also motivational, that is, the message that the Voda Vrnjci company will wholeheartedly support our project. The energy in our club is at a very high level, and it all started on 27-28th of May, thanks in large part to Voda Vrnjci. I hope that at the big matches we will be together in the box and enjoy the good games of our players – said Zbiljić.

Of course, the commercial director of Voda Vrnjci AD Dušan Vučić also expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the contract with FK Vojvodina.

– It is a great honor to become a partner of the football club Vojvodina, which exists for over 100 years, that is, to connect two companies that last for many years, are recognized on the market and have a common goal to achieve the greatest possible achievements, both in sports and in the development of water. From a water standpoint, every athlete needs it for hydration. It is important for us that we want to participate in the development of all new and old players and youngsters and to feel the common spirit of the tradition of our brand, as well as the brand of FK Vojvodina. I would like to thank Mr. Zbiljić for the chance to become partners and I hope that in this and the following seasons we will perform together, achieve success and achieve everything we can – said Vučić.