The players of Vojvodina FC drew at Karađorđe against the team of Spartak with the result 0:0 in the 22nd round of Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rosić, Lazarević, Crnomarković, Korać, Giorbelidze, Petrović (from 75th Savićević), Milosavljević, Radulović (from the 79th Nikolić), Zukić, Seri (from the 86th Malbašić), Vukanović (from 79th Ivanović).

Spartak: Vulić, Bogićević, Martinović, Kerkez (from 79th Krsmanović), Mijailović, Prijović, Đurasović (from the 69th Tošeski), Tomović (from the 97th Mijić), Lukić, Babić (from the 61st Todorski), Mudrinski.

Voša left the clear impression from the beginning that they will play offensively with the clear desire to reach the first win.

Seri shot the first hit towards the goal of Vulić, from the left side, but the goalkeeper of Spartak was in the right position. Soon after, Crnomarković headkicked the ball over the goal post, and then Lazarević caught a half volley, but Vulić defended the net once again.

At the end of the 36th minute, Milosavljević scored after the returning ball in the penalty, but the signal arrived from the VAR room that in the moment of Seri’s shot, he was in the offside, so the goal was annulled.

In the 39th minute, Radulović centered from the right flank, Zukić headkicked the ball from some 10 meters next to the goal post. In the 43rd minute Voša had another big chance, Radulović played the corner, Korać headkicked the ball, but at the other stand Vukanović failed to receive the ball and score from the near distance.

In the added time of the first half, Seri passed by the left flank and tried to overpower Vulić from a difficult situation, but Vulić intervened excellently. In the first half, Voša had a large number of chances, while Spartak didn’t have a single shot at the goal of Rosić.

In the continuation of the match Voša proceeded in the same rhythm, but didn’t reach the danger zone so easily, because Spartak defended themselves better than they did in the first half.

The home team posed the first more serious threat in the 65th minute, Radulović shot from the free kick. Vulić maed his first assist, and then a second one after the returning ball that was received by Vukanović from some 12-13 meters. Three minutes later, there was another chance before the net of Vulić. Giorbelidze centered from the left flank, and Zukić headkicked the ball from the penalty area, next to the goal post. A minute later, Lazarević shot, but the ball caught a defensive player of Spartak and was an easy catch for Vulić.

In the 74th minute Radulović was even closer to the goal, when he freed himself from the guards, and then shot into the further angle from the left side, only centemeters away from scoring.

The guest took their first shot at the goal in the 76th minute, when Todorski passed Giorbelidze, and then shot next to the goal post from the edge of the penalty area.

In the last ten minutes, Bandović attempted a few changes to freshen the attack, Nikolić and Ivanović replaced Vukanović and Radulović, and then Malbašić entered instead of the tired Seri, and Voša failed to reach new real chances.

In the last attack, Ivanović had his best chance at the match, Malbašić lowered the ball with his head towards Ivanović who was alone in the penalty area, but the goalkeeper Vulić defended the net incredibly.

Until the end there were no changes of the esult, so Vojvodina remained without a win in the 3rd game of the second part of the season. In the next round on Saturday, March 2nd at 2pm, Voša will be the guest of Javor in Ivanjica.