Vojvodina defeated Heroj from Belgrade today by 8-0 (4-0) in a friendly match played in Veternik.

In front of around 100 spectators at FC Vujadin Boškov, the scorers for Voša were Đuričin in ninth and 20th, Kokir in 13th, Vučić in 34th and 58th (p), Martinkevich in 47th and Topić in 56th and 85th minute.

Teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Toroman (from 62nd Dražić) – Lazarević (from 62nd Vasiljev), Đ. Đurić (from 59th Đurković), Stanisavljević (from 46th Ivan), Vučić – Filipović, Topić – Đuričin (from 46th D. Đurić), Pantić (from 62nd Radmilović), Kokir – Nikolić (from 46th Martinkevich).

Heroj: Ivanović (from 46th Stojić) – Savanović (from 46th Mladenović), Vidović (from 46th Popović), Šestić, Sajić – Stamenković, Ristović (from 46th Stegnjajić), Lončarević (from 46th Dragičević), Stojanović (from 46th Stefanović) – Blagojević (from 46th Mijović), Ambros (from 45th Stanić).

Already in the ninth minute, it was 1-0 for Voša. Nikolić played brilliantly with Đuričin, who ran into the penalty area and routinely defeated Ivanović. Just four minutes later, the red and whites scored the second goal, and this time, Nikolić passed the ball to Kokir, who increased his team advantage from a similar position as Đuričin.

In the 18th minute, it could easily been 3-0 for Vojvodina, as, after a corner kick taken by Đuričin, first Nikolić and then Stanisavljević took a header from just two or three meters distance from the goal, but in both occasions Ivanović defended perfectly.

However, just two minutes later, Voša scored its third goal. On the right side, Đuričin dribbled his guard and then easily defeated Ivanović.

A new chance for the Old Lady was seen in the 33rd minute, when Lazarević played well to Đuričin, and he came out in front of the goalkeeper and shot from around seven meters distance, but the ball went several inches near the post. However, just a minute later, the red and whites scored a new goal.

This time, on the left side of the pitch, Vučić ran into the penalty box and, with a precise shot, sent the ball into the bottom corner of Ivanović’s goal.

In the 42nd minute, after a good play by Pantić and a pass by Đuričin, Nikolic took a shot from around seven meters distance, but Ivanović defended.

However, already in the 47th minute, Martinkevich used Lazarevic’s excellent cross and scored the fifth goal for his team. The sixth goal was awaited only until the 56th minute, when Topic took a shot from around 22 meters and surprised Stojić at the goal.

Just two minutes later, the referee Marko Gnjatović called for a penalty for Vojvodina after Stamenković’s tackle on Vučić. It was Vučić who took the penalty and increased the red-whites’ advantage to a convincing 7-0.

In the 69th minute, Voša had a new opportunity, first through Kokir and then through Radmilović, but on both occasions goalkeeper Stojić defended their shots well.

The final 8-0 for Vojvodina in the 85th minute was set by Topić, with a brilliant shot into from more than 20 meters.