Vojvodina played 0-0 against the Proleter in the 21st round of the Super League of Serbia.

In front of around 200 spectators at “Karadjordje”, the teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Lazarevic, Graovac, Sanicanin, Antic – Djuric, Milojevic – Gojkov, Mesarovic (from 67. Djuricin), Neskovic (86. Bjedov) – Gajic.

Proleter: Elesin – Mitrović, Andrejević, Lambulić, Čović – Šćepanović (from 76. Novaković), Mirosavljev (from 82. Vukobratović), Čolović (90. Radenović), Bukorac – Tanasin, Vujaklija.

Before the start of the match, the youngest members of the FK Vojvodina fan club presented a gift and recognition to goalkeeper of red and whites Emil Rockov, who on their side was named the best player of “old lady” in 2018.

After the game started, the first opportunity was seen in the 21st minute after a free kick for Voša. From about 21-22 meters, Mesarovic had a shot, the ball went in the lower right corner of the goalkeeper Elesin, but the keeper of Proleter made a good save, and that was also the only real chance in the first half.

Already at the beginning of the second part of the match, in the 47th minute, Graovac played a good pass to Gajic, who entered the penalty area and shot from around fifteen meters, but Elesin ran out and managed to defend. On the other hand, five minutes later, Šćepanović had a good shot from about 25 meters, the ball went under the crossbar, but Rockov managed to punch it into the corner kick.

Djuric tried from a free kick from about 23 meters in the 72nd minute, but the ball went a few centimeters by the post, just like six minutes later, when the same player kicked the ball, but this time from the free kick three to four meters longer distance than the previous one.

Perhaps the best chance at the match was seen in 83 minute, when Gojkov shot from about seven-eight meters, but Elesin defended well, and only a minute later, Proleter remained with one player less on the pitch. Due to a foul over Lazarevic in the middle of the pitch, the second yellow card in the away team was given to Nemanja Covic, and the referee Petar Piper showed him that he must leave the game.

By the end of the match, Voša attempted even more to score a goal that would definitely bring her victory, but failed to create the right opportunity in front of the opponent’s goal. The result remained 0:0, so both Vojvodina and Proleter, in the last game in 2018, won only one point.