Vojvodina footballers today were guests of the school for primary and secondary education for disabled people “Milan Petrović”, and on that occasion they played a friendly game with the residents of this institution, at the same time getting included in their campaign “Can you beat this team?”

It was nice and exciting today in the gym hall of the school for elementary and secondary education for people with disabilities in the development “Milan Petrović” in Novi Sad, where the guests of the students were the football players of Vojvodina Football Club. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the students of “Milan Petrović” school presented an artistic image to the captain of the Old lady Nikola Antić, as a kind of gratitude to FK Vojvodina, while Voša’s players also gave the gifts in a form of club’s t-shirts and flags to their hosts.

After that, a friendly match was played, in which, in the first half, the football team of “Milan Petrović” school had the opportunity to play against the first squad of Vojvodina, while in the second part of the match the teams got mixed, so everything became even more interesting. Of course, the result was completely irrelevant, unlike the fact that everyone in the field were enjoying the game and competing in beautiful football moves. After the match, Vojvodina’s players and students of “Milan Petrović” school had a joint greeting, when the captain Nikola Antić asked “Who is the best?” and they all exclaimed together “Voša!”.

Today’s gathering is just a continuation of cultivating friendly relations between FK Vojvodina and “Milan Petrović” school, considering that the students of this institution last year were guests at Karađorđe, when they had the opportunity to visit the stadium and get familiar with its history, go down to the pitch and enter the locker rooms, and it is certainly that this successful cooperation will continue in the future.