Vojvodina advanced to the quarterfinals of the Serbian Cup, as it defeated Javor Matis in Ivanjica today.

Javor Matis took the lead in the 59th minute with a goal by Odita, and Miljan Vukadinović equalized in the 82nd minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Javor Matis: Babić, Jevremović, Nikolić, Luković, Maričić (from 90th Balabanović), Petrović, Ivelja, Momčilović, Odita (from 65th Tanko), Zvekanov, Lakić-Pešić.

Vojvodina: Vukliš – Jeličić, Kovačević, Kopitović, Devetak – Busnić, Maksimović (from 76th Vukadinović) – Zukić, V. Simić (from 88th Nešković), Bastajić – Čović.

Voša took the initiative from the very beginning of the match, while the home team focused mainly on defending their goal in their own half. The first excitement in front of Javor’s goal was Zukić’s attempt from a solid position, but midfielder of Voša was successfully blocked. In the continuation of the same action, Simić returned the ball to Devetak, whose shot on the way to the goal caught one of Javor’s defenders and the ball ended up a little above the bar.

The home team threatened for the first time in the 36th minute, after a cross from the right flank, Zvekanov ran onto the bounced ball and shot far over the goal. In the 39th minute, Dejan Zukić also tried from a distance, but his insufficiently strong shot was stopped by the goalkeeper Babić.

Before going on a break, the home team had another attempt through Luković, but Vukliš stopped his shot from a difficult position.

Immediately at the start of the second half, Voša made a nice attack on the left side. Bastajić passed the ball to Devetak, he sent a sharp cross through the box, and Čović ran onto the ball and shot a little near the goal. Voša continued to dominate and create chances, so Simić had the next attempt in the 54th minute, when he shot from 18 meters next to the goalpost.

The punishment followed in the 59th minute. After a corner kick, Odita shot with his head and hit the far corner for the lead of Javor Matis – 1-0.

After receiving the goal, the guests went on a total offensive and played only in front of Javor’s goal. In the 74th minute, Vojvodina missed three great chances in one attack. After a free kick on the left side, Čović hit the ball with his head, then Kovacevic ran onto the bounced ball, and then Kopitovic, who hit the crossbar, then Jeličić almost get to the ball too, but Javor’s defense was faster for a second.

In the 76th minute, Slavoljub Đorđević made a key change, since Vukadinović replaced Maksimović and it was he who scored the goal for 1-1. In the 82nd minute, Devetak centered from the left side, and Vukadinović was the highest in the air and beat the goalkeeper Javor with his head for 1-1.

By the end of the 90th minute, Nikolić had another shot, and Zukić on the other side, but there was no change in the result. The controversial detail happened in the last moments. Vukadinović shot excellently, the goalkeeper of Javor defended, Nešković ran onto the bounced ball at the same time as the goalkeeper of the home team, but there was no penalty. As there were no winners after the regular 90 minutes, penalties shootout took place.

Penalty series:

1. Zukić hits the bottom left corner, Momčilović shoots over the bar
2. Nešković hits the same angle as Zukić, Eliomar shoots strongly near the post – 2-1
3. Vukadinović sends the ball to the right corner, Vukliš stops Dimitrijević – 3-1
4. Čović takes Voša to the next round.