Players of Vojvodina FC drew against the team of Radnički 1923 with the result 0:0 in the 36th round of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Radnički 1923: Leković, Aleksić, Bevis (frim 79th Đurić), Ćosić, Dadić, Gluščević (from 88th Ivelja), Sali, Šerbečić, Simović, Vidosavljević, Zorić (from 72nd Ristić).

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević (from 65th Bjeković), Korać, Crnomarković, Đorđević, Petrović, Zukić (from 88th Nikolić), Savićević (from 65th Campbell), Radulović (from 60th Ivanović), Sery, Vukanović.

Already in the second minute Voša was close to taking the lead, Sery performed an interruption from the left flank, and Zorić almost scored an auto-goal, but the goalkeeper of Radnički was in the right place.

In the 10th minute Voša has a 100% chance, Vukanović stole the ball from undecisive Simović, and masterfully employed Zukić who went alone in front of the Leković who ran out, but Zukić shot only a few centimetres next to the goal post.

In the 15th minute Radnički threatened for the first time, Leković shot the ball, Sahli stole it from Savićević and passed to Bevis, but Korać flew in the last moment and stopped a great chance in front of the net of Carević.

After the first part of the first half belonged to Vojvodina, the home team freed themselves from the pressure and seemed more dangerous to the goal of Carević. In the 22nd minute Radnički performed a well-played action after a corner on the right side, the ball was quickly switched to the left flank, then came a centershot to the penalty area, but Đorđević was there to intervene in time.

In the 37th minute Aleksić went through the right flank, and shot a sharp returning ball through the penalty area, but once again the defence of Vojvodina intervened excellently.

Before the halftime, Radnički had two more solid chances, Vidosavljević first put away the returning ball to Sali, who shot next to the goal post. In the 43rd minute Vidosavljević shot into the first angle from the left side, but Carević blocked it once again.

Radnički had their first chance in the beginning of the second half, Bevis escaped on the left wing and centered to the penalty area, and Vidosavljević shot next to the goal.

In the 49th minute Vojvodina was once again close to taking the lead, Vukanović tricked Šerbčić, and then from the side on the left flank shot the further angle, but Leković caught the ball just enough for it to deflect from the goal post back to Vukanović, who was then almost in the dead angle and didn’t succeed once again to threaten the net of the home team.

The home team had their next chance 10 minutes later, Gluščević passed on the right side, shot into the first angle, Carević was in place, just like Leković a minute later, when Voša similarly counter-attacked through Vukanović. At the end of 1 hour of the match, Bandović decided to make his first change, and Radulović was replaced by Ivanović, and Vukanović was on the right flank, and five minutes later he made two more changes – Bjeković and Campbell replaced Lazarević and Savićević.

Campbell immediately brought life to the game and in the 67th minute he ran on the left side towards the goal, the home players tried twice to bring him down, but failed, after which there was a confrontation between the members of the Staff of both clubs. Then came a short interruption, after which the referee banned Srđan Žakula and Miroslav Stakić from the pitch.

As the end of the match was approaching, the players were not that dangerous in the attack, they led a big fight at the middle of the pitch, but the goalkeepers were jobless until the 87th minute, when Zukić’s shot from the 20 meters was stopped by Leković.


In the 90th minute Voša had their last chance, after a corner on the right side, Ivanović found himself in the danger zone, but he couldn’t receive the ball better. In the added time, Sali had a free kick from the danger zone, but he shot over the bar, and that was the last chance at the match.

Voša is now expecting the finale of the Serbian Cup against the Red Star, on Tuesday from 8:15 pm in Loznica, and then in the last round next weekend they are welcoming the team of Mladost from Lučani at Karađorđe stadium.