After a somewhat easier day yesterday, during which they only had recovery training, the players of Vojvodina today continued with strong work on the preparations in Belek.
In ideal weather and on the excellent pitch of the sports center Susesi, the red and whites first did the usual warm-up exercises, and then, divided into three teams, they alternately played on a shortened pitch on two goals.
Before the start of the training, the president of the club, Dragoljub Samardžić, addressed the players, telling them that their arrears will be paid upon their return to Novi Sad.
Today’s training was missed only by the youngest member of Voša’s team, Milan Majstorović, who felt pain in the area of ​​the hamstrings, so for preventive reasons he did not train today.
The players of Vojvodina are expecting a strong training in the afternoon too in the sports center Susesi, where they will play the second friendly match on the preparations in Belek tomorrow, against the Ukrainian Zorya.