The players of Vojvodina FC qualified for the quarter finals of the Cup of Serbia after defeating Mladost Gat tonight with the result 0:3.

The scorers for Vojvodina were Miletić in the 40th minute, Zukić in the 43rd, and Vukić in the 83rd.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Mladost GAT: Dražić, Kerkez, Drobnjak, Abadžija, Bugarin, Đuričin (from the 46th Ilić), Jezdović, Jokić (from the 46th Brborić), Pavlica, Popović (from the 70th Balabanović), Vujaklija (from the 46th Solovjev).

Vojvodina: Toroman, Lazarević, Jeličić, Rosić (from the 59th Tanjga), Bukinac, Miletić, Zukić, Radulović (from the 77th Kovačev), Malbašić (from the 68th Nikolić), Campbell (from the 59th Jovanović), Ivanović (from the 68th Vukić).

From the beginning of the match, Voša began to press the rival, and thereby made Mladost make a few mistakes on their half, but the better finishing pass under difficult conditions didn’t come.

Ivanović had the first big chance in the 9th minute, he was in the excellent position, but his kick from some 15 meters was stopped by the goalkeeper Dražić.

Voša threatened 10 minutes later as well, Campbell passed by Zukić who went too much to the side, and then tried the center shot to find the players before the goal, but in the last minute the defence of Mladost GAT reacted.

In the 22nd minute Lazarević tried a shot, from the angle on the right side shot directly into the goalkeeper Dražić. Five minutes later Mladost threatened for the first time too, Jokić had a corner, but in the penalty box Jezdović was the highest in the jump, and headkicked the ball over the net.

The offense of Vojvodina didn’t stop there, in the 32nd minute Radulović shot the goal post from the free kick, and in the next attack, after the corner, Jeličić headkicked the goal post, the ball then returned into the goal out.

After the two unsuccessful attempts by Campbell and Malbašić from the edge of the penalty box in the 40th minute, Voša managed to break through the defence of Mladost. After a synchronized combination from the corner, Lazarević centered the ball, and Miletić was the highest in the jump from 5 meters, for 0:1.

Only three minutes later, Voša doubled the lead, also after an interruption from the ride side, Radulović shot the first goal post from the corner, Zukić turned there, and the ball on the way to the goal caught the defensive player of Mladost for 0:2.

The first chance in the second half was Vojvodina’s, Radulović centered the ball from the left flank, Ivanović’s head kick was stopped by Dražić. The same player tried again three minutes later, he shot from the angle on the right side, but Dražić intervened well.

Mladost GAT was closest to the goal in the 60th minute, after a crowd following the corner on the left side, Solovjev shot with his head, Toroman intervened excellently, and saved his net.

Then followed a quieter period of the match, but the difficult terrain also had an effect on that, so the coaches decided to make a few changes. Siniša Tanjga had his debut for Vojvodina, and Lazar Jovanović, Uroš Nikolić and Stefan Vukić entered the pitch.

It was precisely them who performed the most beautiful action in the 83rd minute, Jovanović after a few dribblings passed on the right side, went into the penalty area, and then on the other goal post excellently found Vukić, who scissored the ball into the net for the final 0:3.

Until the end of the match there were no result changes, so Voša qualified for the quarter finals of the Cup of Serbia that is scheduled for the spring.