Vojvodina defeated Mačva away with the result 5-2 (3-1) in the 36th round of the Serbian Super League.

The scorers for Vojvodina were Nemanja Čović in the sixth and 14th minute, Dejan Zukić in the 33rd, Veljko Simić in the 73rd and Momčilo Mrkaić in the 75th minute. The scorers for Mačva were Miloš Adamović in the 45th minute and Ortiz in the 85th minute.

The teams played in the following lineups:

Mačva: Samurović – Tripković, Subotić, Mihajlović (from 18th Perić), Panić, M. Mijailović, Ćirković, Kočar, Adamović, O. Mijailović, Sladojević.

Vojvodina: N. Simić – Stojković, Kovačević, Maksimović, Đorđević – Topić (from 76th Miletić), Zukić, Vukadinović (from 76th Kabić), Gemović (from 60th Novevski), Čović (from 60th V. Simić) – Mrkaić.

Vojvodina started aggressively from the very beginning, since in the third minute Čović hit the crossbar with a header, and Vukadinović had a new chance in the next minute.

Vojvodina crowned an excellent game in the sixth minute. After a cross from the right, Čović tightened the ball under the crossbar from 10 meters for 0-1. Only eight minutes later, Čović was in the right place again. This time, after Mrkaic’s cross from the right flank, he routinely scored with a header for 0-2.

Mačva fought back after the corner kick, when Simić was in the right place, but Kočar ran onto the rejected ball, shot from a far distance and hit the post.

In the 18th minute, the home team was left with a player less on the pitch, as the goalkeeper Samurović misjudged the flight of the ball and then, wanting to correct the mistake, he caught it with his hands outside the penalty area. The home team was forced to change the goalkeeper, and a crossbar saved them from a free kick after an attempt by Aranđel Stojković.

Vojvodina continued to dominate with an extra player on the pitch, and at the end of half an hour of the game, first Čović had a great opportunity, and then immediately after him Mrkaić too, whose attempt from five meters was blocked. A minute later, the defense of Mačva capitulated again under the attack of the Old Lady. Mrkaić was blocked, and Zukić was inaccurate from the first, but precise from the second attempt for unattainable 0-3.

In the very finish of the first part of the game, the home team managed to reduce the score from the penalty spot. Kovačević played with his hand in the penalty area, and the referee pointed to the white dot. The secure taker of the penalty was the captain of Mačva, Miloš Adamović.

Vojvodina continued in the same rhythm in the second half, so in the 50th minute Čović was separated from the hat-trick by centimeters, as he shot a little over the goal from 18 meters, and in the 55th minute, goalkeeper Perić stopped Mrkaić’s header with a great intervention. Captain Adamović returned the favor with a strong shot from 25 meters, when the ball flew past the goal post.

Nenad Lalatović then made a double change, since Veljko Simić and Novevski came in instead of Čović and Gemović. A somewhat calmer period followed, until the 70th minute, when Zukić, after a double pass with Simić, dribbled past the guard, and then shot directly into the goalkeeper Perić. What Zukić did not succeed, did Simić in the 73rd minute, when he masterfully got one hard ball and defeated Perić for huge 1-4 with the front part of his foot.

That was not the end, since only two minutes later, Zukić returned the ball to Mrkaić, who, alone from ten meters, hit the right corner for 1-5. Five minutes before the end, Mačva managed to mitigate the defeat. Adamović centered from the right side, and Ortiz defeated Simić with his head for 2-5.

By the end of the game, the young Kabić, who replaced Vukadinović in the 76th minute, made a nice free kick in the finish, but the ball ended up over the goal. There was no change in the results anymore, and with this triumph, Vojvodina took the third position on the table with 70 points.