Vojvodina lost to Maribor with the result 4-1 (2-0) in the second test in the preparations in Slovenia.

Maribor: Jug, Vrhovec, Voloder, Pihler, Požeg, Sikošek, Gorenak, Repas, Milec, Vipotnik, Žugelj.

Vojvodina: Vukliš – Bjeković (from 46th Cucin), Kovačević (from 57th Jeličić), Stojsavljević (from 46th Stevanović), Devetak (from 46th Đorđević) – Miletić (from 57th Maksimović), Novevski (from 46th Topić ) – Bogdanović (from 46th Čović), Zukić, Mladenović (from 46th V. Simić) – Mrkaić (from 46th Kabić).

Maribor took the lead from the first real action of the match. In the 13th minute, the Slovenian team attacked through the middle, Požeg played a double pass and then defeated Vukliš from a beautiful position from ten meters.

Maribor continued to put pressure on Slavoljub Đorđević’s team and to play in the half of the rival, and in the 18th minute, Vukliš caught a dangerous cross shot and prevented a new opportunity for the Slovenian team. The players of Maribor also had the next two opportunities, and at the end of half an hour of the game, Vukliš stood out again, defending the free kick by Žugelj.

The players of Maribor crowned a better performance with a new goal, in the 36th minute again through Požeg, who was the most resourceful in the penalty area – 2-0.

Vojvodina created the best action in the 44th minute when Zukić pass the ball to Bjeković on the right flank, continued to move and threw himself between the central backs, but the right back of the Old Lady sent a slightly stronger pass, which Zukić could not receive in front of Maribor’s goal.

At half time, Slavoljub Đorđević made as many as seven changes, so only Vukliš, Kovačević, Miletić and Zukić remained on the field, and Cucin, Stevanović, Đorđević, Topić, V. Simić, Kabić and Čović played with them from the 46th minute.

However, after only three minutes in the continuation, Kovačević clumsily hit his own net for 3-0 after the corner kick.

Vojvodina had a solid opportunity in the 57th minute, when Đorđević found Kabić in the penalty area, but the young offensive player did not do well, so the Maribor defense cleared the situation in front of the goal. At the end of the game, the coach of Vojvodina, Slavoljub Đorđević, dissatisfied with the refereeing, earned a red card.

A period without many opportunities followed, and the coach of Maribor almost completely changed the lineup, while Jeličić and Maksimović joined the Old Lady’s team on the pitch.

After a new corner kick in the 77th minute, Maribor reached the fourth goal, since the highest in the air was Ilija Martinović.

Voša managed to score an honorable goal in the 82nd minute. Uroš Kabić did very well in the penalty area, he deceived his keeper and the goalkeeper of Maribor for 4-1. That goal gave the Vojvodina players a little wind in the back, Čović created a nice position in the 86th minute, but his shot from 16 meters was stopped by the Maribor goalkeeper.

In the last minutes, Vukliš stood out again, since he stopped Vipotnik’s shot from 16 meters very well, and that was also the last chance in the game.

Vojvodina will play against the Slovenian champion Mura in the next preparatory match, on Wednesday, June 30.