Vojvodina defeated Proleter 2-1 at their Karađorđe in the 30th round of the Serbian Super League.

Vojvodina reached the triumph, after six tied championship defeats, with Andrejević’s own goal in the ninth and Simić’s goal in the 11th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Lazarević (from 84th Kovačević), Jeličić, Stevanović, Đorđević – Maksimović, Topić – Simić, Zukić (from 67th Nešković), Vukadinović (from 78th Kabić) – Matić (from 67th Vukčević).

Proleter: Petrić, Tomović (from 37th Ninković), Jovanović (from 72nd Skopljak), Mitrović, Vukasović, Dunđerski, Ilić, Tanasin, Andrejević, Kojić (from 66th Mladenović), Kaluđerović.

Voša opened the game very well and very quickly gained a two-goal advantage. In the ninth minute, Lazarević took a corner kick from the left side, and Andrejević, wanting to intervene with his head, sent the ball into his own net for 1-0.

Only two minutes later, after a new corner kick, Voša doubled the advantage. Lazarević centered, Matić turned the ball with his head to the second post, and Simić was in the right place for 2-0.

After the goals of the home team, the tempo dropped, the real chances were missing, although Vojvodina continued to dominate and attack mainly on the right side, where Lazarević was the most dangerous. Proleter did not send a single shot towards Emil Rockov’s goal until the 57th minute when Kojić shot near the post.

Voša had the first serious chance in the 62nd minute. After the counter-attack, Vukadinović centered from the right flank, and Matić shot over the goal from the penalty spot.

Proleter managed to reduce the result from the first shot within the goal range, and with a lot of luck. Ilić ran into one bounced ball, shot from 20 meters, and the ball hit Stevanović on the way to the goal and deceived Rockov for 2-1.

Two minutes later, Proleter had a new chance, when Bertalan Kun shot from ten meters next to the goalpost. Shortly after that, in the 79th minute, Ninković knocked Lazarević off his back with a sharp tackling. There was a crowd and a conflict with Jeličić, so the referee showed both players a yellow card. The right back of Vojvodina tried to continue the match, but he did not succeed, so he had to leave the game 10 minutes before the end.

Until the end, there was no change in the results, so Voša is now seventh on the table with 39 points.