A meeting was held today in the ceremonial hall of FC Vujadin Boškov, at which the management of FK Vojvodina hosted a delegation of Hajduk from Kula, a former longtime member of the most elite rank of Serbian football, and today a member of the Serbian League – Vojvodina Group.

The Hajduk delegation consisted of club president Dalibor Krković, his advisor Predrag Rajić, director Željko Ačanski, Manager Željko Račić and Kula mayor Damjan Miljanić, who were hosted by FK Vojvodina president Dragoljub Samardžić, board member Petar Đurđev, director of Youth Academy Ilija Pantelić Duško Grujić and Secretary Aleksandar Vlaškalić.

On that occasion, in a pleasant and cordial atmosphere, they stated that Vojvodina and Hajduk, at the time when the club from Kula competed in the Super League, always had good and friendly relations, and agreed that such relations between the two clubs should exist in the future, but also that mutual cooperation can and should be raised to a higher level, to the mutual satisfaction and benefit.

Representatives of the two clubs discussed establishing better cooperation on the issue of younger categories and creating better conditions for the progress of players at that age, but also cooperation on the issue of infrastructure and other segments important for the development of both clubs. At the end of the meeting, the representatives of Vojvodina handed out gifts to their guests and invited them to be special guests of the Old Lady at Karađorđe on Sunday, where the Vojvodina derby between Vojvodina and Spartak will be played at 4 pm.

Thanking for the hospitality and gifts, the president of FK Hajduk 1912 Dalibor Krković expressed satisfaction with this visit and pointed out the expectation that the cooperation and relations between the two clubs will be better and better in the future.

– The reason for this meeting was our initiative to return the relations between Vojvodina and Hajduk to the level that existed at the time when we performed in the same rank of the competition. We have slowly started to return Hajduk to where it belongs, but with the objective problems we are facing, we need Vojvodina to help us with its strength, in order to raise Vojvodina’s football to an even higher level. From the president of FK Vojvodina and other members of the Board of Directors of the club, we found a wonderful reception and the beginning of cooperation as a whole, so we hope that we will now continue to develop it even more. By that, I mean playing friendly matches, cooperation in terms of Youth Academies, players, equipment, experiences that Vojvodina has in terms of running the club, organization, administration, etc. All these are things that we, at this moment, extremely need – Krković pointed out and pointed out that he and his associates will be pleased to host the delegation of Vojvodina in Kula in the near future, and thus make the ties between the two clubs even closer and better.