Vojvodina lost at its Karađorđe to Red Star with the result 1-2 (1-0) in the 15th round of the Serbian Super League.

The scorer of the only goal for Vojvodina was Mirko Topić in the 31st minute, while Milan Pavkov scored a goal for Red Star in the 52nd minute and Aleksandar Dragović in the 62nd minute.

Before the start of the match, the captain of Vojvodina, Nemanja Čović, presented trophies and medals to the best teams and individuals of the Novi Sad Trophy, the autumn international children’s football festival, which was held in Novi Sad during the previous three days. The winning trophy went to the team of Vojvodina, the second place went to Nizhny Novgorod B, while the third place went to Partizan. As for individual awards, the best player was Dušan Cupara from Vojvodina, the best scorer was Fyodor Syusko from Nizhny Novgorod, and the best goalkeeper was Filip Bjeljac from Vojvodina.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: N. Simić – Bjeković (from 28th Jeličić), Kovačević, Stevanović, Devetak – Topić, Busnić – Vukadinović (from 61st Kabić), Zukić, V. Simić – Mrkaić (from 79th Bastajić).

Red Star: Borjan – Gajić (from 46th Gobeljić), Pankov (from 46th Eraković), Dragović, Rodić – Sanogo, Stanić (from 64th Petrović) – Ben (from 46th Falko), Ivanić, Katai – Pavkov (from 85th Krstičić).

Red Star had the first opportunity in the game, and in the 20th minute, after the action on the right side, Gajić returned the ball, the defense of Vojvodina intervened, but only to Ivanić, who shot from 15 meters next to the goalpost. Voša retaliated after only three minutes. Vukadinović centered to Mrkaić, who was the highest in the air on the second post, but he shot next to the goal.

Mrkaić had the greatest chance in the 26th minute. Devetak sent a sharp cross through the box, and the attacker of Vojvodina shot near the goal from close range. A new problem for Vojvodina happened a minute later, when Bjeković had to leave the field due to a muscle injury, and he was replaced by Jeličić.

Vojvodina took the lead after the third great opportunity, in the 30th minute. After the crowd in the penalty area of ​​Red Star, Topić was in the right place, took the shot, and the ball caught Dragović on the way to the goal and ended up in the net.

Red Star immediately responded with a better game, because after two minutes, Pavkov had the best chance, but his shot from close range was blocked by the defense of Vojvodina.

In the 38th minute, centimeters separated Vojvodina from the second goal. After a new good action, Vukadinović returned the ball for Busnić, who hit the outer part of the net from around 12, 13 meters.

Red Star played even more offensively in the second half and in the 50th minute Pavkov scored a goal, but a signal came from the VAR room that Katai had previously been in an offside position. However, three minutes later, everything was clear. Stanić centered from the right flank, and Pavkov was the highest in the air and scored with a header for 1-1.

That goal accelerated the game on both sides. At the end of an hour of the game, Veljko Simić shot excellently, Borjan stood out, and then Nikola Simić on the other side after Katai’s shot. At the end of an hour of the game, Red Star managed to turn the result. After a corner kick, Sanogo hooked the ball with his head, and Dragović waited at the second goalpost for 1-2.

Voša answered immediately. In the 63rd minute, Zukić took a corner kick, and Kabić, who immediately before that replaced Vukadinović, hit the ball, but Gobeljić saved the visitors’ net in front of the goal at the last moment.

A somewhat calmer period of the game followed. Red Star withdrew and kept the lead while Vojvodina tried to reach the danger zone and endanger Borjan’s goal. Slavoljub Đorđević tried a new change, since Bastajić replaced Mrkaić, but Stanković also responded by introducing midfielder Krstičic instead of Pavkov.

There was no change in the results until the end. Red Star kept the advantage, followed by a two-week break, after which Vojvodina will face Partizan away.