The players of Vojvodina FC lost to Spartak in Subotica, with the result of 2:0 in the seventh round of Mozzart Bet Super league of Serbia.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Spartak: Manojlović, Babić (from 78th Mijić), Bijelović, Kerkez, Prijović, Stanojev (from 73rd Ćalasan), Tanasijević, Todoroski (from 73rd Tošeski), Ubiparip (from 65th Mudrinski), Vidaković, Đurasović

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević, Rosić (from 80th Kajević), Crnomarković, Bjeković (from 73rd Butraković), Indio, Milosavljević (from 58th Nikolić), Radulović, Zukić, Malbašić, Ivanović (from 58th Vukić).

Already in the 3rd minute, Voša had a big chance. Malbašić sent a return pass via his left side, and Ivanović was almost imprecise.

Ivanović was the center of attention again in the 8th minute, when he was blocked after a nice new action and a double pass with Malbašić. In the continuation of the same action, Lazarević kicked the ball over the goal.

After the opening initiative of the guest team, Spartak took the lead after their first chance in the 14th minute. Following a corner that was performed by Stanojev on the left side, Carević misjudged the flight of the ball, and Vidaković was waiting ready at the second goal stand.

Voša fought back in the 17th minute, Milosavljević sent out a great deep ball, which Crnomarković missed, and thereby enabled Zukić to attack the net on his own, but he shot the goal post.

Voša continued to dominate, Spartak had a lot of counter-attacks, and from one such situation in the 23rd minute, Todorski kicked over the goal from his right side.

Until the halftime, Voša was a more dangerous team, and had a few more chances before the net. In the 39th minute, Radulović faced the ball and kicked over the goal from 18 meters. Voša was closest to scoring in the last moments of the first half. Radulović sent a pass through the penalty, Ivanović received the abll, and then Malbašić was a few centimeters late to score at the other post.

Voša continued to dominate in the continuation of the game as well, but Spartak once again used their first chance to score a new goal. In the 56th minute, Ubiparip placed the ball and from 22 meters hit the left corner of Carević’s net for 2:0.

Immediately after the second received goal, the coach of Vojvodina, Ranko Popović decided to make a double alteration. Nikolić and Vukić replaced Milosavljević and Ivanović. In the 65th minute Voša had a clean shot to get back into the game, after a double pass with Vukić Malbašić face the net on his own, but with the outer part of his foot hit the goal post.

Three minutes later, once again Voša was just a few milimeters away from scoring, Zukić passed to Vukić, whose kick caught Kerkez and ended just beside the goal post. The chances continued to string, and in the 71st minute, Radulović’s kick was blocked by the goalkeeper Manojlović, and then in the 79th minute, Lazarević kicked the outer side of the net from this right side. Until the end of the match, Kajević headkicked, but there was no change of the result.

In the next round, on Saturday at 19:00h, Vojvodina is welcoming the team of Javor Matis.