Today, Vojvodina will play the third friendly match in the preparations in Turkey. From 3 PM, the rival of the red and whites in the sports center Papilon will be Metalist 1925 from Kharkov, currently the 10th placed team in the Premier League of Ukraine.

Metalist 1925 was founded only in 2016, after the old FC Metalist from Kharkov fell into financial problems, which is why in 2016 it was not issued a license to perform in the federal rank of the competition. For that reason, a new club was founded in the same year, and is participating in the Premier League of Ukraine for the first time this season, while the old Metalist has somewhat consolidated and is currently competing in the second Ukrainian league.

The Manager of Metalist 1925 is 48-year-old Ukrainian Valeriy Kriventsov, who has a team at his disposal whose value is estimated at around 8.58 million euros. In its squad, Metalist 1925 has five foreigners, three of whom come from Brazil and one each from Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As for the domestic players, it is interesting that the vast majority of them are from Kharkov.

Metalist 1925 plays at the OSC Metalist stadium with a capacity of 40,003 seats and at home it plays in completely yellow, while away it plays in completely blue equipment.

As for Vojvodina, the Manager, Slavoljub Đorđević, announced that this time, too, he will give a chance to two teams, with one playing 60 and the other 30 minutes.

Television broadcast of the match is provided on Novosadska Television, and all football fans will also be able to watch the match on the Youtube channel of FK Vojvodina via the link: