Vojvodina defeated Rad with the result 4-1 (1-1), in the 11th round of the Serbian Super League.

In the match that was played without the presence of spectators at Karađorđe, the scorer for the away team was Živković in the third, while the goals for Voša were scored by Bralić in the 11th, Čović in the 55th, Damnjanović in the 69th (ag) and Vukadinović in the 79th minute (p).

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Vukliš – Andrić, Bralić, Devetak, Đorđević – Drinčić, Topić (from 46th Stojković) – Vukadinović (from 80th Gemović), Čović (from 73rd Zukić), Bojić (from 80th Novevski) – Mrkaić (from 69th Mladenović).

Rad: Kahriman – Đorić, Damnjanović (from 72nd Novaković), Jovanović (from 59th Gazivoda), Ciger – Kovačević (from 59th Radunović), Busnić, Lazarević, Živković (from 73rd Trifunović) – Radivojević (from 73rd Trninić ), Đurić.

Before the start of the match, the acting President of FK Vojvodina Dragoljub Samardžić handed a plaque and a framed jersey with the number 100 to the Manager of the red and whites Nenad Lalatović, on the occasion of his 100th match on the bench of the Old Lady.

After the match started, Rad took the lead in the third minute. On the left side, Damnjanović fought for the ball and sent it to Živković, who brought his team to the lead with a precise shot from ten meters.

However, Vojvodina retaliated in the 11th minute. Drinčić centered from a free kick, and Bralić jumped excellently and equalized the result with his head.

In the 31st minute, Voša had a new opportunity, when Andrić shot first from seven to eight meters diagonally, and then Bojić, but on both occasions Kahriman defended. Vojvodina was able to score in the 45th minute, when Topić shot from about 23-24 meters, but Kahriman defended again. Practically in the next attack, Bojić made a great pass to Topić, who shot once more, this time from ten meters, but again the goalkeeper of the guests reacted excellently.

Already in the first minute of the second half, Vukadinović shot excellently from a fifteen meter diagonal, but once again Kahriman defended brilliantly. Only a minute later, after a corner kick taken by Drinčić, a great header was made by Čović, but again the goalkeeper of Rad reacted fantastically. However, what did not happen then, happened in the 55th minute.

Near the corner flag, Bojić took the ball away from one of Rad’s players and then centered, and Čović again jumped excellently and sent the ball to the closer bottom corner of goalkeeper Kahriman with a precise header.

Already in the 69th minute, it was 3-1 for Vojvodina. Bojić shot from fifteen meters, and the ball hit Damnjanović and bounced into the net of the away team.

In the 78th minute, a penalty was awarded to Vojvodina. In the counterattack of the red and whites, Đorđević centered, after which the ball hit Lazarevic’s hand, so the referee Andrija Stojanović called for the most severe punishment. Vukadinović took the penalty for Vojvodina and increased the advantage of the Old Lady.

By the end of the match, the red and whites certainly controlled the ball and thus achieved victory.