Vojvodina played a draw 1-1 (0-0) against Shakhtar in a friendly match played in Belek.

In front of about 50 spectators on the pitch of the Susesi Luxury Resort Hotel, the scorer for Voša was Bolbat in the 80 (ag), while the goal for the Ukrainians was scored by Alan in the 83rd minute.

Teams performed in the lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov (from 64th Toroman) – Stojković (from 60th Bjeković), Đurić (from 60th Andrić), Saničanin (from 60th Stojsavljević), Devetak (from 46th Đorđević) – Drinčić (from 46th Đurišić), Topić (from 60th Zukić) – Vukadinović (from 60th Nešković), Bojić (from 60th Kokir), Gemović (from 46th Đuričin) – Mrkaić (from 60th Čović).

Shakhtar: Trubin (from 46th Shevchenko) – Khocholava (from 62th Krivtsov), Cipriano (from 62nd Matvienko), Kyriukhantsev (from 62th Ismaily), Kovalenko (from 62nd Bolbat) – Konoplianka (from 62nd Stepanenko), Marcos (from 35th Dentinho, from 60th Taison), Fernando (from 60th Marlos), Wellington (from 35th Tete, from 60th Alan) – Muravskyi (from 60th Moraes), Mudrik (from 35th Vakula, from 60th Sikan).

The first opportunity at the match was seen in the 15th minute, and it was had by the players of Vojvodina. The corner kick was taken out by Drinčić, and Mrkaić jumped well in front of Shakhtar’s goal and sent a header, but the ball hit the outside of the net.

Shakhtar’s players showed on several occasions with excellent moves and dribbling that they possess an enviable quality, but Vojvodina stood very well in defense, thus preventing the opposing players from taking any serious opportunity to score. Also, the red and whites in a few situations were very close to scoring, but they lacked a better finish to successfully complete the action.

It was only in the 62nd minute that the Ukrainians threatened for the first time through Ismaily, who shot from fifteen meters distance, Rockov defended, and then Alan ran onto the ball, but the Vojvodina’s goalkeeper once again responded well and saved his net.

On the other hand, in the 80th minute, Vojvodina came into the lead. Nešković used a great deep pass into the penalty area by Zukić, accepted the ball and shot, goalkeeper Shevchenko defended, but the ball then hit Bolbat and bounced into the net.

Still, the red and whites’ lead didn’t take long, as Shakhtar equalized only three minutes later. From about 22-23 meters, Alan shot well and evened the score.

By the end of the match, no more chances were seen, so the match ended with a draw.