Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac and sports director Marko Jovanović at today’s press conference announced the upcoming duel with Mladost from Lučani, in the seventh round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

Today, in the press room of the Karađorđe stadium, the presidents of FK Vojvodina and FK Kabel – Dragoljub Zbiljić and Nenad Miljuš – signed a cooperation agreement, so sports director Marko Jovanović first welcomed the move and expressed the importance of this agreement.

– This agreement is proof that Vojvodina does not stop strengthening. The agreement with Kabel is important for all of us, and especially for the players coming out of the youth academy, because it is the most sensitive period in their maturation. They will have the opportunity to prove themselves immediately in senior football, in the third league. We will not give them up, and our coaches will monitor their work. Our coach from the youth school, Nemanja Krtolica, in whom we have great confidence, will be the coach of Kabel, so we have reason to be optimistic. I can say that I am proud, because every day we progress and grow – said Marko Jovanović.

Those present were also interested in his answer about the transfer window, after the president of the club Dragoljub Zbiljić announced more reinforcements.

– We talk between us, we negotiate with the players and we want a player who can immediately make a difference. We have to strengthen the team because of the bench, i.e. the rotation, because the championship is long. The idea was not to accumulate, but to create a skeleton and to create a team as serious as possible through the transfer window in a year. We want to strengthen ourselves, we are negotiating, I hope that everything will be finished soon. In seven days, I believe we will have at least one more reinforcement. I don’t want to reveal more – said Marko Jovanović.

Coach Milan Rastavac firstly welcomed the cooperation with FK Kabel, and at the same time, along with the development of young players, he emphasized the importance of investing in infrastructure at FC Vujadin Boškov.

– To me, this cooperation sends a message that we are definitely getting stronger. As soon as we are able, we have the will, energy and means to achieve such an agreement and not only deal with Vojvodina, this is a clear sign that we are growing. I am happy about the cooperation, because all actors will have their own interest and satisfaction. I would only follow up on the words of President Dragoljub Zbiljić about the spending of earnings from the sale of players, and that is the infrastructure at Vujadin Boškov, which is very important to us. We are a group of people who make results thanks to their quality and professional work. So I can say with pleasure that a part of the funds has been allocated for infrastructure, which will be of great help to us in the continuation of our work – said Rastavac.

The Manager of the Old Lady then referred to the next rival of Vojvodina, Mladost from Lučani.

– I will start and end the story about the game with an invitation and a request for the fans to come in as many as possible to support us. It’s completely different to play games with great fan support that you feel every minute. I am grateful to our fans who traveled to away games, they gave us support and credibility and the level to see that as a club we have importance and that we are influential. We will do our best, as in every game, to show that we are Vojvodina, the old one, which is capable of dominating everyone. All this is much easier with the fans and the real support from the stands, which we have had so far – said Rastavac.

He believes that Mladost plays specific football, but he wants his team to be the one to impose their style.

– Mladost plays specific football, in terms of layout, style of play, which boils down to direct forward play. Offensive breaks are also their strength. In those two segments, Mladost is looking for a way to threaten the rival. It is important for us to dominate, impose our style and use our advantages over our rivals. It is normal that we have to take care of an experienced attacker like Bojović. Our task is to reduce their virtues to a minimum – says Rastavac.

He did not agree with the fact that the first half in Lazarevac was below the previous level.

– Vojvodina played its recognizable game, but it was not successful in implementing those ideas in the right way. Technical errors led to this, as they were bigger than in previous games. Such matches do not worry me, because oscillations will happen. The smallest mistakes are when they happen because of the technical aspect. It is something that cannot be avoided. It is important to me that the players implemented our idea and tried to realize and honor our agreement. If we continue in this direction, the number of mistakes will decrease, and our quality and ideas will grow from match to match – Rastavac is convinced.

Finally, he referred to the players squad and potential reinforcements.

– Uroš Nikolić is still not training with the team, we expect him to start on Monday. Mostly everyone is healthy, Igor Jeličić has minor problems, but Vojvodina is Vojvodina, with 25 players. As for reinforcements, I am not the best negotiator, because I will always raise my hand to bring in reinforcements, if they can improve the team. It is a continuous process for me. However, I have to express my satisfaction that we were able to form a team before it all started. We have the skeleton we were aiming for, and now the idea is that every next move will further strengthen us – concluded Milan Rastavac.

Tickets for this match will be sold at prices of 400 (west), 200 (east) and 100 dinars (north). Tickets for the west will be sold at the main box office of the stadium (between the west and south stands), tickets for the east will be sold at the box office on the east stand (next to the Ognjište restaurant), while tickets for the north will be sold at the Vojvodina fan shop on the west stands of Karađorđe. The box office will be open on match day, three hours before the kick-off.

Entrance to the east stand will be free for everyone who comes to the stadium wearing FK Vojvodina’s logo (shirt, shirt, scarf, etc.).

Also, this match will have a humanitarian character, and in this regard, the Board of Directors of FK Vojvodina decided today to additionally help this action by allocating all the revenue from the tickets sold for this match to help the Glavić family.