Vojvodina advanced to the eighth finals of the Serbian Cup, as it defeated Jagodina in the 1/16 finals today with the result 5-1 (2-1).

In front of about 500 spectators at Karađorđe, the scorers for Voša were Bastajić in 24th, V. Simić at 32nd, Đ. Đorđević in the 50th (ag), Čović in the 52nd and Zukić in the 87th, while the only scorer for the guests was Stojanović in the 10th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Vukliš – Bjeković (from 57th Novevski), Vl. Kovačević, Stevanović (from 56th Jeličić), S. Đorđević – Busnić, Maksimović (from 53rd Miletić) – Zukić, Čović (from 53rd Kabić), V. Simić (from 65th Mrkaić) – Bastajić.

Jagodina: Vu. Kovačević – Đ. Đorđević, Ivljanin (from 89th Kiš), M. Đorđević, Vujčić – Vujičić, Dolovac (from 76th Kocić), Stojanović, Živković (from 62nd Crnojački) – Bogdanović (from 62nd Janković), Milenković (from 46th Maljković).

From the very beginning of the game, Vojvodina took the initiative and tried to take the lead, but Jagodina also used every opportunity to try to endanger the goal of the Old Lady, and the first such chance came in the 10th minute, when the visiting team succeeded to gain an advantage.

Bogdanović passed the ball to Stojanović, who sent a shot from about 20 meters, and the ball flew over the goalkeeper Vukliš and ended up in the net.

Voša was able to fight back in the 17th minute, when Vuk Kovačević shot the ball weakly, which then reached Veljko Simić, and he shot from about 16-17 meters, but the ball went next to the goal post. However, in the 24th minute, Voša equalized.

Veljko Simić shot from about twenty meters diagonally, Vuk Kovačević defended, but the ball then bounced to Bastajić, who sent it into the net without any problems, and already in the 32nd minute, there was a turnaround.

Veljko Simić took the ball away from one player of Jagodina and played a double pass with Zukić, and then broke out in front of Vuk Kovačević and brought his team into the lead.

In the 50th minute, it was already 3-1 for Vojvodina. On the right side, Zukić passed the ball nicely to Bjeković, who centered, and Đorđe Đorđević, wanting to clear the ball, scored an own goal.

Only two minutes later, Vojvodina took the lead with 4-1, with a great goal by Čović from about 23-24 meters.

From that moment, the rhythm of the game dropped a bit, but Vojvodina still had more possession of the ball and attacked the rival’s goal, so in the 87th minute it reached the fifth goal.

Stefan Đorđević centered from the left side, and Zukić increased the advantage of his team to a convincing 5-1 with a precise shot.

After that, there was no change in the results, so the Old Lady after a new turnaround and a convincing victory won a place in the eighth finals of the Serbian Cup.