It was beautiful today at the football center Vujadin Boškov in Veternik, where the football club Vojvodina, now traditionally, organized its second Voša family day. The event, which for the first time this summer delighted all those who had the pleasure of attending it, today once again proved to be a true holiday among the people of Vojvodina, so even the light rain that fell this morning did not prevent several hundred supporters of the Old Lady from enjoying at Voša’s training center, and this is especially true for the little ones, who from the first moment to the last did not leave the training grounds prepared for them by the trainers from the Ilija Pantelić Youth Academy.

Through the games “1 on 1”, “2 on 2”, relays with and without the ball, practicing shooting and precision, teq-ball, so-called. “parental” training grounds where adults paired with their children competed in accuracy and juggling with others, as well as a special training ground for girls prepared by the women’s football club Vojvodina, chasing the ball and having fun did not stop at any moment, so on pitches 4 and 5 in FC Vujadin Boškov you could heard children all the time mixed with Voša’s songs that were played over the public address system.

In a real family atmosphere, where at every step you could see the smiles of not only the children, but also their parents, the whole event was completed by drawing dog houses, where the little ones expressed all their creativity and love for the Old Lady, and many of them did not miss the opportunity to paint their own faces with a professional face painter, so many boys and girls left FC Vujadin Boškov with Voša’s coat of arms, a blue star and various other motifs on their faces.

Also, the attention of those present was attracted by the adorable puppies that were looking for, and some of them got, their new owner, while many people who wanted to bring a T-shirt as a souvenir of today’s day were constantly gathered around the stand where the official products of FK Vojvodina were sold, including balls, jerseys and other Old Lady items, but also tickets for the upcoming championship derby between Voša and Partizan.

Of course, the most interesting to the visitors were probably the football players of Vojvodina, who, led by coach Radoslav Batak, were greeted by hearty applause from all present and until it was time for them to leave to prepare for the match against Spartak, they enjoyed themselves together with the others in all today’s activities, but also taking photos together and signing autographs.

In the end, the whole event ended with the Vojvodina derby, where the spectators could surely have been happy with the victory of their Old Lady, especially considering that next weekend, at the Karađorđe stadium, it will have a new meeting with its fans and that in a match that can be of great importance for the final ranking in the table and the ultimate result goal of the red and whites this season – placement in the group stage of a UEFA competition.