Vojvodina defeated Bačka away with the result 2-1 (2-0) in the 32nd round of the Serbian Super League.

Miodrag Gemović was the double scorer for the Old Lady in the sixth and 28th minute, while Miloš Zličić scored for the home team in the 61st minute.

The coaches took the following lineups on the pitch:

Bačka: Milojević – Parađina, Živić, Nedeljković, Rađen, Pantić, Mihailović, Ratković (from 60th Zličić), Eskić (from 80th Trifunović), Stojanović, Zdravković.

Vojvodina: Vukliš – Bjeković (from 46th Andrić), Bralić, Saničanin, Đorđević – Stojković, Maksimović – Zukić (from 46th Čović), Simić (from 84th Topić), Gemović (from 63rd Bojić) – Mrkaić (from 46th Vukadinović).

From the very start, Vojvodina started the offensive decisively, and in the fifth minute, the bar saved the home team after a great shot by Mrkaić. A minute later, the defense of Bačka could not do anything after a beautiful action on the right side. After a double pass with Zukić, Simić sent a sharp ball through the box to the second post, and Gemović was in the right place for 0-1.

Even after the lead, Vojvodina did not stop attacking. In the 10th minute, in one action, the Old Lady had three chances. Gemović was in the best position, but this time the defense of Bačka managed to defend itself. Only two minutes later, the home team had the first dangerous shot. Eskić shot diagonally from the right side into the first corner, but Vukliš was on the spot. The same player had two dangerous shots in the 14th minute too, one after the other. Đorđević blocked first with his head, and then Bralić too, who saved a sure goal.

After the initial run in front of both goals, a somewhat calmer period of the game followed, without significant opportunities, but then in the 28th minute Stojković centered from a free kick, and Gemović send a header into the corner of the goal for 0-2. In the 36th minute, Simić missed a nice opportunity to score the third goal for the Old Lady. Mrkaić lowered the ball with his head to some 15 meters, but the Vojvodina offensive player shot over the goal.

At the half time, the coaching staff of Vojvodina made three changes: Andrić, Čović and Vukadinović entered, instead of Bjeković, Mrkaić and Zukić, while on the other side, in the 60th minute, Miloš Zličić entered, and reduced the score to 1-2 from his first contact with the ball. Pantić was an assistant, and Zličić was left alone at 16 meters, and after the reception of the ball, he scored an effective goal. Immediately after the received goal, Vukadinović entered the game instead of Gemović and in the 65th minute he centered brilliantly for Bojić, who hit the outside of the net with his head.

Bačka took the initiative in the middle of the second half and shifted the focus of the game to half of Vojvodina. The home team had a good opportunity in the 74th minute, after a shot from 20 meters, the ball changed direction a little, but Vukliš was on the spot. Two minutes later, the Old Lady had the best chance in the second half. After the ball was taken away from thirty meters, Stojković passed the ball to Bojić, after whose blocked shot Stojković hit the ball again, but he shot over the goal.

There was no change in the results until the end, Vojvodina won three points and after this round it will surely remain in the third position on the table with 66 points.

In the next match, Vojvodina will meet Partizan in the semifinals of the Serbian Cup on Wednesday at 7:05 PM.