Vojvodina defeated Paksi with a score of 2-1 (2-1), in a friendly match played in Belek.

In front of about 50 spectators at FC Titanic Deluxe Golf, the scorers for Voša were Kabić in the seventh and Miletić in the 25th, while the goal for Paksi was scored by Varga in the 32nd minute.

The teams performed in the following formations:

Vojvodina: N. Simić (from 46th Carević) – Lazarević (from 46th Antonijević), Jeličić (from 46th Traore), Vitas (from 46th Topić), Bukinac (from 46th Đorđević) – Busnić (from 46th Milosavljević), Miletić (from 46th Zukić) – Kabić (from 46th Baraye), U. Nikolić (from 46th Milošević), Čumić (from 46th Vukčević) – Malbašić (from 46th N. Nikolić).

Paksi: Nagy, Osvat, Kinyik, Kadar, J. Szabo, Windeker (from 76th Haris), Papp, Bole (from 61st Harasti), B. Szabo (from 61st Balog), Sajban (from 46th Gjurkits), Varga.

Vojvodina took the lead in the seventh minute, after a counterattack and a great move by Uroš Kabić. In the middle of the field, Miletić first lost, but then took away the ball, which then came to Uroš Nikolić, who went towards the goal and sent a pass to Kabić on the right side, and Kabić dribbled brilliantly to free himself from his keeper and hit a precise shot from about 20 meters obliquely overcame the goalkeeper Nagy.

After that, the tempo of the game dropped somewhat, but in the 25th minute, Vojvodina executed another perfect counterattack and doubled their lead. Once again, Uroš Nikolić played an important role, considering that he sent an ideal pass from the middle of the field into the space towards Čumić, who sent it brilliantly and went out in front of the goalkeeper, and then selflessly assisted Miletić, who also followed the action and hit the undefended net.

On the other side, Paksi retaliated in the 32nd minute, when he managed to reduce the score. Varga shot from seven to eight meters, Nikola Simić first made a great save, but then the ball came to Varga again, who this time easily sent it into the net.

In the 49th minute, Paksi had a new opportunity after the shot by Bole from a free kick from around 22 meters, but Carević made an excellent save. Just eight minutes later, Janos Szabo sent a dangerous shot from about twenty meters diagonally, but Carević once again reacted well and kicked the ball into the corner kick.

As the game progressed, Paksi slowly took the initiative and were in possession of the ball more often, but without concrete opportunities to score. On the other side, Vojvodina threatened mainly from the counterattack, and in the 86th minute, a penalty was awarded for the red and whites after the ball hit the hand of a Paksi player after a free kick by Zukić.

Nemanja Nikolić took the penalty and shot to the goalkeeper’s left side, but Nagy saw through his intention and saved the shot. It was also the last opportunity in the match, so the game ended with Vojvodina’s victory with a score of 2-1.