The Football Federation of Italy promoted the famous coach Vujadin Boškov to the membership of the Hall of Fame.

The award, established with the intention of spreading and affirming Italian football, will have its tenth edition in the spring. According to the rules, it refers to football players and coaches responsible for the growth and development of the most popular sport in the Apennines and the promotion of Italy in the world.

The commission, composed of eminent journalists, directors of news outlets and representatives of the press union, decided this time to provide a place in the gallery to the unforgettable Vujadin Boškov. The Boškov family will receive a special Remembrance Award.

The great coach worked for 14 years in Italy – he led Ascoli, Sampdoria, Roma, Napoli and Perugia.

He had the most success with the club from Genoa, in 1989 he won the Cup Winners’ Cup, in 1991 the Scudetto, and a year later he played with Barcelona in the Champions League final (0-1).

He also led Real Madrid, the champion’s laurels in Spain, together with the cup, he won in 1980, he also won trophies in SFR Yugoslavia and the Netherlands.

The Italians have always nurtured an undisguised emotion towards Boškov. Favorite, as a coach, interlocutor, analyst and football philosopher, he often explained the phenomena of the most popular sport in his own way in inspired conversations with journalists. With his humor and thoughts, he left a deep mark on the Apennines, Spain and the former Yugoslavia.

Quotes from his conferences are retold like phrases from Alan Ford, so those like: “The end is when the referee whistles the end”, “Better to lose 4-0 than 5-0” are remembered.

“Football is unpredictable, because all matches start with a score of 0-0”, are the words attributed to Vujke, and in a similar manner is the fact that “in the upcoming match we can win, play a draw or lose”.

Somewhere in the legend, the mathematical one remains written: “It is better to lose 6-0 than six times 1-0”.

In the end, the story always goes back to where it all began – to first love:

“Vojvodina is on one side, and everyone else is on the other. It was like that and it will stay like that forever. I love and respect all the clubs where I was a player and a coach, but only Vojvodina is the only one.”

The legendary Vujadin Boškov was born in 1931 in Begeč, and died in 2014 in Novi Sad.

The promotion of the members of the tenth generation of the Italian Hall of Fame is expected at a ceremony in Rome, in April or May.