Vojvodina’s winger Miljan Vukadinović is successfully recovering from a knee injury and he hopes that he will soon be available to his team and coach Slavoljub Đorđević.

Due to a knee injury, Vukadinović missed the second part of the preparations in Slovenia, but he entered the last phase of recovery and is expected to return to the full training process soon.

– Everything is going in the right direction. We are all satisfied, the coaching staff, the medical team and me. I will be back soon and that is the most important thing – said Vukadinović and continued:

– I missed the most important part of the preparations in Slovenia, because of my knees, it will be as difficult for me as for any player who does not pass the entire pre-season. I was there from the beginning, but I couldn’t do that main half because of my knees. However, we have great fitness coaches, I have no doubt that with their help I will be completely ready again in record time – Vukadinović points out.

He will not be available at the start of the season, which will not be easy at all – Red Star, Panevezys, Partizan, Panevezys.

– The schedule is not easy at all, but if I had asked myself, I would also have preferred these most difficult games at the beginning of the season. Maybe sometimes it is better to enter strongly, in case of good results, that can have a positive effect on the continuation of the season. Every game in the league is difficult in its own way, we go from match to match from day to day, we prepare with the coaching staff, we will certainly be ready for all challenges. I think that the team will be physically at an exceptional level, soon when the heavy legs give way, everything will be as it should be – says Vukadinović.

During the past two seasons, Voša managed to secure a place in Europe, won the Serbian Cup, then reached the semifinals, and Vukadinović hopes to continue the positive series.

– I have to say that the team has changed a lot, the previous two years we had almost the same team, we knew who breathes how and it was different to play games in such a situation. A lot of players left, the squad rejuvenated, but that’s good for us, because I see that these guys are doing great, they are doing their best to impose themselves, everyone can see the desire to prove and justify the indicated trust. That is why I think it will not be so difficult for us to continue on the same path and fight for the best possible results. I am not someone who likes to predict the placement at the end of the season, but Vojvodina, as one of our biggest clubs, must always be at the top and strive for such results. I believe that coach Đorđević will put it all together nicely, and we will help us achieve the best possible results together – concluded Miljan Vukadinović.