After having a slightly easier day in the preparations yesterday, during which they trained in the gym in the morning, and used the afternoon for rest, the players of Vojvodina continued today with strong and intensive work on Mariborsko Pohorje.

At 9:30 a.m., the red and whites ran onto the pitch near the Arena hotel, where, as usual, they first did strength and warm-up exercises led by fitness coaches Saša Semeredi and Aleksandar Janković. After that, it moved on to what all football players like much more, and that is working with the ball, when the Manager, Slavoljub Đorđević, took the lead.

Following his instructions, the players of the Old Lady tried to fulfill all the requirements that the coach asks of them on the pitch, and the emphasis was placed on the very end of the action, ie better and more efficient realization in front of the goal.

By the nice weather and excellently prepared pitch, all the players of Vojvodina trained visibly motivated, and the great atmosphere was somewhat shaken by the fact that the injured Miljan Vukadinović and Mihajlo Nešković left the team today.

According to Dr. Nikola Vukosav, Miljan Vukadinović has renewed his knee injury, and that is why it is better for him to continue the treatment in Novi Sad, considering that he will be able to continue training after two weeks. As for Mihajlo Nešković, he also left the preparations for health reasons, with the proviso that he will join the work with the team probably as soon as his teammates return to Serbia.