Within the Football Center Vujadin Boškov in Veternik, works have begun on the construction of the most modern field with artificial grass, for the needs of the Youth Academy of the Football Club Vojvodina, which is financed by the Provincial Government.

It is an investment worth 45 million dinars, within which eight poles with 64 reflectors will be installed and drainage wells will be made.

In this way, the best conditions will be created for training first team players and young football talents – students of this youth academy that has given birth to many names that play today in major European clubs such as Sergej and Vanja Milinković Savić, Dušan Tadić and others.

The President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović stated that the construction of the highest quality football field with artificial grass for the needs of the Youth Academy, named after the legendary goalkeeper and one of the greatest athletes in our region Ilija Pantelić, is a contribution to creating new generations of sports aces.