Vojvodina players in Turkey are preparing for the continuation of the season, and the training sessions organized by the coaching staff are becoming more and more intense. Today before noon, the red and whites ran out onto the pitch of the football center Titanic Deluxe Golf again, and the same thing awaits them in the afternoon.

In today’s training, after warming up and exercises to increase the level of speed and explosiveness, the footballers first worked on counterattacks and “three on two” situations, i.e. finishing in front of the opponent’s goal, and after that, the midfielders and forwards practiced shooting from a long distance, while defenders and central backs practiced long balls and center shots, i.e. setting up and removing dangers during long balls and attacks by opponents.

The only ones who missed training were Vuk Bogdanović, who is recovering after foot surgery and who will work individually in the gym today, and Uroš Nikolić, who was spared for today’s training by the coaching staff.

Voša will face a new friendly match tomorrow, and its rival will be Sabah from Azerbaijan. The match will be played at 3 PM Serbian time, with a live broadcast on the Youtube channel of FK Vojvodina and Novosadska TV.