At the beginning of this school year, the football club Vojvodina launched a campaign under the slogan “You are our first love”, which aims to guide children towards sports and a healthy lifestyle, but also to respect basic sports values, such as team spirit and fair play.

In this regard, a visit to the primary schools Sonja Marinković and Jovan Jovanović Zmah were organized, and the action will continue this week, considering that on Friday at 3 pm the red and white team will visit the primary school Kosta Trifković in Rotkvarija.

As last time, a press conference will be organized in this school before the match against Mladost GAT, after which Stefan Đorđević, Yves Baraye, Radomir Milosavljević and Filip Malbašić will take pictures and hang out with the children, and on that occasion they will play with them a game of football.

Of course, the visit of Voša will be completed by the club’s promoters, who will hand out flyers, posters, timetables and tickets for the game against Mladost GAT to the children, as well as access cards with which they will be able to join this action, that is, by purchasing a special card at a symbolic for a price of 300 dinars, they will gain the right to free entry to the eastern stand at all matches in domestic competitions in this and the next season, as well as a number of other benefits, about which they will be informed later.

The visit to the elementary schools Sonja Marinković and Jovan Jovanović Zmaj passed with many smiles, beautiful moments and a lot of positive energy, and there is no doubt that the same is expected at the school Kosta Trifković on Friday!