The action under the slogan “You are our first love”, which was launched by the football club Vojvodina at the beginning of this school year, continued today with a visit to the elementary school Petar Kočić in Temerin. It was the jubilee 10th school that Voša visited as part of her educational and sports action, and as in all previous schools, the children enthusiastically welcomed the first team of the Old Lady.

This time, Marko Bjeković, Ranko Puškić, Stefan Bukinac and Milan Kovačev were hanging out with the children, and as soon as they entered the classroom, the little ones sang in unison “Hey, hey, Vojvodina, we love you”, holding up drawings on which painted Voša’s coat of arms and other motifs dedicated to the Old Lady.

Addressing the students, the director of club marketing, Miloš Subotin, told them a short story about the origin of FK Vojvodina, emphasizing that Voša was founded 109 years ago in Temerinska street in Novi Sad, while Marko Bjeković and Ranko Puškić told the children about how important it is to be hardworking and persevere in what they love, and that even at school they should always function as a team, by, first of all, being good friends and helping each other in everything they do.

Of course, the children had a bunch of questions for Vojvodina football players, from who were their role models when they were little, to who is the most difficult for them to play against today. At the moment when Voša’s spokeswoman Sanja Kružević told them that it was time for them all to go outside together for a game of soccer with the Vojvodina players, the children’s enthusiasm was complete, and their excitement did not stop until Voša’s soccer players left the school.

Given that the visit of the Old Lady also covered the period of a long holiday, practically in every part of the school and the school yard, only children could be seen happily carrying signed Voša posters, class schedules, flyers, and tickets for the game against Voždovac, and three Old Lady branded soccer balls were left as a gift to the school.

Undoubtedly, this day will remain in the memory of the children from Elementary School Petar Kočić for a long time, and Voša’s football players, as well as all the others from FK Vojvodina who participated in this action today, certainly feel no less satisfaction from today’s gathering.