Kosta Trifković elementary school in Novi Sad today hosted Voša’s expedition led by coach Milan Rastavac and captain Stefan Đorđević, and assistant coach Nikola Kovačević, as well as first-team players Igor Jeličić, Filip Malbašić and Yves Baraye.

With this visit, FK Vojvodina’s action under the slogan “You are our first love” continued, in the framework of which the Old Lady visits primary schools in Novi Sad and the surrounding area, with the aim of guiding children towards sports and a healthy lifestyle, as well as respect for basic sports values, such as team spirit and fair play.

During this campaign, Voša previously visited the schools Sonja Marinković and Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, and now the students of the school Kosta Trifković had the opportunity to hang out with the coach and captain of the Old Lady, Milan Rastavac and Stefan Đorđević, and those present the marketing director of FK Vojvodina, Miloš Subotin, spoke first.

– I am very pleased that I am here today and that the arrival of the football club Vojvodina was expected with great impatience in this school as well. Elementary school Kosta Trifković is the third school we visit as part of the campaign “You are our first love” and I am glad that this campaign is not only continuing, but also expanding and upgrading. In this regard, I am pleased to announce that other clubs from the Vojvodina Sports Association will soon be involved in the same action. The first among them will be the Vojvodina Volleyball Club, which will visit one of the primary schools in Novi Sad next month. By the end of this calendar year, FK Vojvodina will visit one more school, and after that we will continue with this campaign in the spring, when it will have a different format and shape, but we have no doubt that there will be great interest even then. Also, I invite everyone to get involved in this campaign by buying Voša’s card at a symbolic price of 300 dinars, with which the owners will have free entry to the matches in this and the next season – said marketing director Miloš Subotin.

Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac reiterated today how important it is to play sports, because through it we learn to be more prepared for all the challenges that await us in life.

– You have probably heard more than once from your teachers and parents, that life is in front of you an opportunity to achieve what you want. When you set that goal and move toward that goal, there will be many ups and downs. Those who are the most persistent on that path, with the most love, will and sacrifice, will achieve that goal. It is only up to you which goal you will put in front of you, and it is only up to you how much you will sacrifice for that goal. The same thing happens with us. We are a group of people who came together to achieve good results with Vojvodina. We have that goal in front of us, we sacrifice for it, we work for it, we enjoy it, we love what we do and to be together and have problems and ups and downs. We have problems that we can solve, some we manage to solve right away, and some we solve along the way, that’s really how life is. Sport is a great thing, because even when we lose, it’s an opportunity to learn something from that defeat and not to fall at the same obstacle next time, because in football and in life you always have those that you need to jump over. We advise you to play sports and that one day your desire prevails to become part of Vojvodina and to achieve your goals and remain persistent in it – coach Milan Rastavac said.

The captain of Vojvodina, Stefan Đorđević, as a former student of Kosta Trifković elementary school, said that he was happy that he returned to his childhood today and remembered his school days.

– First of all, I have to say that it is a great honor and pleasure for me to return to my school, because I was also a student here, and so was my mother. My personal opinion is that the most beautiful thing in the world is to play sports, especially football. It is important to play any sport, individual or collective, because through sport you get to know different cultures, different people, learn different languages, and that will help you shape yourself as a person tomorrow. In team sports, such as football, it is very important when the players are friends with each other, because it is felt on the field and makes a difference – said Đorđević.

After that, the students’ questions followed, and the first question was about advice for those who want to play sports, answered by coach Rastavac.

– I would recommend that you be ready to fight and not give up. When you don’t give up, it means you’re moving forward. That path, that is, reaching the goal, is actually life, and that’s the beauty of it.

The next question was about the goals for this season, which was also answered by the head of Vojvodina’s coaching staff.

– The goal is to position ourselves high and to have an active participation in Europe, that is if we are talking about results. In addition, our primary goal is to form a team, which will be stable, which will reach the best possible level of football so that it can record good results in Europe and on the domestic stage.

Captain of Voša answered a question about his idols.

– When I was like you, a student of this school, my role model was Siniša Mihajlović.

And this perfect day for the kids at Kosta Trifković Primary School was completed by a game of football in which Voša’s first team members – Stefan Đorđević, Filip Malbašić, Igor Jeličić and Yves Baraye – took part.

After the end of the soccer game, all those present surrounded Voša’s soccer players and coach, in order to take photos with them and get autographs. During that time, Voša’s promoters distributed Voša’s posters, class schedules, flyers and access cards to the children with which they can join the action “You are our first love”, as well as tickets for the upcoming game against Mladost GAT.

The school bell and the return to regular school activities interrupted the wonderful gathering with the students, but there is no doubt that it will continue, perhaps already tomorrow, in the stands of the Karađorđe stadium, to cheer for our Voša together.

The Vojvodina football club uses this opportunity to invite all primary schools in Novi Sad to contact us and be our guests at the Karađorđe stadium, both tomorrow and at all upcoming matches of the Old Lady.