The action under the slogan “You are our first love”, in which FK Vojvodina visits elementary schools in Novi Sad and the surrounding area with an educational and entertainment program, continued today with a visit to the Sveti Sava elementary school in Rumenka.

As always, the little ones welcomed the football players of Vojvodina with great impatience and excitement, and today they were Radomir Milosavljević, Vuk Bogdanović, Filip Antonijević and Stefan Bukinac.

In the conversation with the students, they were first addressed by the marketing director of FK Vojvodina, Miloš Subotin, who briefly presented the football club Vojvodina and its rich tradition, reminding them of the great players who throughout history wore the jersey of the Old Lady, who, apart from being were great football players, and were also great people, who appreciated and adhered to those true sports values.

Football players from Vojvodina talked to the children about sports values, but also how to become a professional athlete and achieve your dreams, emphasizing the importance of being persistent and persevering in what you want. Of course, the children themselves had certain questions, among which there was an enviable number of girls, but all of them were most pleased by going to the large gymnasium of the elementary school Sveti Sava, where, in front of full stands of excited children, a match was played between two team made up of mixed football players from Voša, male and female students of this school.

In a great atmosphere, where literally every attack was accompanied by applause and cheering that only children can do, the result was 1-1, and after the match, all the students patiently waited in line to receive tickets for the match against Radnik, as well as Voša’s posters, class schedules and flyers with a brief history of the club and instructions on how to join this campaign. At the same time, FK Vojvodina’s marketing director Miloš Subotin presented school director Zolt Gyilveszi with an Old Lady jersey signed by all the first team players, as well as three FK Vojvodina branded soccer balls.