The coach of Vojvodina FC, Božidar Bandović is optimistic about the upcoming match with FC Spartak.

The players of the old lady are welcoming the team of Spartak on Sunday at Karađorđe, and the coach of Vojvodina FC is hoping for a good match and the first win in the second part of the season.

  • First of all, I would like to congratulate our Club on their 110th This match is very important for us because we won only 1 point in the last two games, just like our next rival. We want to show the fans the game we played at the preparations, that same rhythm and we will focus on that. At this moment the results are not matching the expectations, but in certain parts of the game we look good, and I believe in these players and think that the players must believe in themselves, overpower that negative energy and stress. I want them to be calmer, but also to play with more energy, and higher intensity. We have to accept that on these pitches we cannot play like we did at the preparations. We are facing a team that plays the formation 3-5-2, and we will have a low defence, which is tactically the hardest to handle, but we will also have to use our qualities through possession and by changing sides. This is a match where we have to show the quality – Bandović said.


He highlighted that he wants his team to continue playing offensively.

  • It is our style to have possession of the ball and we will not give that up, and I believe that it is the future of this club. In those segments we have to be aware that the pitches here are more convenient for our rivals. However, we also have to pay attention to the moments when we have to ball, position ourselves better, be closer and apply pressure, and also make better decisions. There weren’t many defensive transitions in which the opponent was dangerous, but in some situations, we have to react better, like when we received the first goal in Kragujevac. I think that at this moment the mental approach is the most important thing, the players have to be confident to make the right decisions on the pitch. It can, and should be better, especially when we lose the ball – Bandović pinpointed.

There is a possibility that the newcomer, Seid Korać, will make his debut at this match.

  • We gave him some time to adjust, and at this moment it is possible that he will be in the starting 11. It is not important who will start the match, what is important is that we are tactically and psychologically on the right level, and ready for the game – Bandović highlighted.

He also reflected on another negative tradition, like the statistics against Spartak, and he wants to change that.

  • We have to change that; I keep listening about bad statistics against some rivals. We have to overcome that and change it, and do something that we haven’t done before. Those segments of the match are where we become lost for 10 or 15 minutes, and that is why we have to be focused from the first until the last minute. That is football, and there are always difficulties, but we have to build our character. If we win the match, then that is a good start to show that we are good, which is something that I see at training sessions – Bandović said.


The coach of Vojvodina FC reflected once again on the match in Kragujevac, and especially on the good opening of the match and then the fall after the received goal.

  • I think we started the match in Kragujevac well, but we cannot think about the missed chances and allow ourselves to receive a goal. Someone can say that we didn’t score, but then we receive the goal from the first counter-attack, and that is why we have to be mentally stronger. Missed chances must not disrupt us. We drew, but then there was the penalty, and we lost points – he explained.

He also commented on the fact that Dejan Zukić entered the match and scored, from a somewhat more offensive position than usually.

  • Each decision that I make is great when you win the match, but I would do the same again. Zukić showed that he is a true leader, he entered the match and scored, and that is what is most important – Bandović highlighted.


The match between Vojvodina and Spartak is of charity nature, because all the money from the ticket sales will be donated to help the Krstić family of nine members, who lost their house to the fire a few years ago.

The ticket prices will be symbolic- 300 RSD for the West, 200 RSD for the East and the tickets will be available at 4pm on matchday, at the ticket offices on the west and east stand.

The match between Vojvodina and Spartak is scheduled for Sunday, February 25th at 6:30pm, and there will be a live broadcast on Arena Premium 1.