The coach of Vojvodina FC, Božidar Bandović said that even though the team had a tight schedule and staff issues, they showed character in the victory over TSC, with the result 3:2 in the 30th round of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

With the goals of Zukić, Campbell and the winning goal of Njegoš Petrović in the 3rd minute of added time, Vojvodina defeated TSC in the derby, and retained the fourth position before the play-off of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

  • I would like to congratulate my players on the victory, as well as the fans. We had some issues before this match. It was the fifth match in 14 days, the players were not as fresh as they were in some previous games. We had, I would agree with the colleague Lazetić, a lot of problems in the defence in the first half. We did score two goals, but we were not on the same level as we had been in the previous matches. In the second half we changed some things. We received two goals after our lost balls. However, I would like to congratulate the players, they fought, gave their all, and won the match thanks to character, but as I said, we had issues with Aleksa Vukanović and Stefan Đorđević. Đorđević played what he played with just one training session. This is an important victory against one dangerous team, and I have to congratulate them on their last three years, the team looks extremely well on the pitch, and they know what they are doing – Bandović said.

He stated that the work the team has been doing in the previous period is showing lately.

  • Whatever you do, when you have the result it all looks great. What I would like to pinpoint is that when you have the game, if you remember, in the first matches we didn’t have the results, but we had the game. When you have the game, you have something to hope for. As my colleague Lazetić says, that leads to results – the coach of Voša stated.