Fan Club 1937

Vojvodina Football Club is one of the oldest football clubs in Serbia and as such, it was among the first that had its supporters and fans. However, the public is not that much familiar with the fact that FK Vojvodina was actually the first club in Serbia that had its official fan club in 1937, and that fan club was then duly registered with the authorities of that time.

This is also evidenced by the article from the daily press “Zastava”, the prominent Novi Sad newspapers of that time, published on December 17, 1937:

“Two nights ago in the premises of Mr Sava Dotlic in Miletic Street, a meeting of friends and sympathizers of FC “Vojvodina” was held. The meeting was convened for the establishment of a club, which will aim to help FK “Vojvodina” in these directions: material contributions, purchasing props from their cash, conducting propaganda for its football events, staging in all cases when the interests of Vojvodina demand, organizing fan trains and excursions when their club is playing an away match etc. The club’s assets will be membership returns, income from various events, voluntary contributions, gifts and help. This meeting was attended by about 100 friends of “reds”, who mainly led the action to establish the club. ”

Unfortunately, only four years later, the evil of the World War II spread to the territory of Yugoslavia, and football club Vojvodina was banned from work and lost its property, and the fan club, whose members took part in the national liberation struggle, ceased to exist.

Nevertheless, this data testifies how much did the fans of Vojvodina from that period followed the world trends and had modern understandings. Since many fan groups around the world take almost mythical and hard-to-check events for their founding dates, the official and registered fan club of FK Vojvodina from 1937 is gaining even more in significance and represents an important and beautiful part of the overall cultural and sporting history of Novi Sad.

As a continuator of the tradition of this club, at the beginning of 2016, the Club of Friends of FK Vojvodina was officially reestablished, headed by Nenad Miljuš as president of the club.