The coach of Vojvodina FC, Božidar Bandović believes that his team is ready for one of the most important games away, against Radnički 1923.

The players of the Old Lady will face the team of Radnički 1923 on Thursday at Čika Dača stadium, in the direct fight for the placement in Europe.

  • We are facing a difficult match against a very good team. We already played twice in Kragujevac and both games were tactically and fight-wise at a very high level. Radnički is team that has continuity, players who know how to play pressing, and use the space in the attack, and they are dangerous in 1 on 1 play. They are compact team, I expect a lot of duels, long balls and that is why we need to be focused. This is a very important match both for us and the opponent, because there are only 2 games left, and victory means a lot to both us and them. As for the staff, we don’t have any injured players, everyone is ready – Bandović said.

He believes that teams know each other well after the recent matches at the same stadium, but that the players have to be ready for all possible situations.

  • Certainly, we know each other well after those duels, they analyzed us, and we analyzed them. They played a very good, high pressing against the Red Star and TSC, and we are preparing for the low defence as well. Whether they will play with one or two offenders, the players will be ready to read some of those situations, which can be the most important thing, the players recognizing some things and reacting in the fastest and best possible way. Radnički is an excellent and feisty team who will play to win, just like us, and we both need to be ready for everything that can affect the result – Bandović highlighted.

The coach of Vojvodina is convinced that his team deserves to be in the place that leads to Europe at the end of the championship.

  • I believe in these boys, and considering everything that we have done up until now, I can be positive. I want us to end the season the way we should, because that’s the most important thing, we have a step or two until the finish. We are a great club, we will have our fans by our side, which also means a lot, and the victory at the game this important can be a huge thing. We need to handle the pressure because we are in a great club, and these boys already showed character, because they won and returned in the big games, and I have no dilemma that they deserve the placement to Europe – Bandović concluded.

The match between Radnički 1923 and Vojvodina is scheduled for Thursday at 4:55 pm.